Making Canada smarter: Grace MacAluso, The Windsor Star
November 10, 2011

Windsor's success in being shortlisted last year as one of the top seven most intelligent communities appears to be paying off.

The city will play host next week to the first-ever national conference aimed at establishing Canada as one of the world's leading intelligent nations.

Dubbed the New National Dream: Building an Intelligent Nation, the two-day gathering, which kicks off Nov. 16, will feature an international roster of speakers, including New Brunswick Premier David Alward and Suvi Linden, Finland's minister of communications.

Linden is the United Nations commissioner for broadband development while Alward is the founding chair for the council of governors, which is setting a national strategy for the country, said Kristina Verner, who spearheaded Windsor-Essex's proposal for the top spot in the smart communities competitions.

The inaugural gathering is being organized by i-Canada, an organization dedicated to establishing 50 intelligent communities throughout the country, said Verner. "We want to make Canada a truly smart nation, which is tremendously important from an economic development and competitiveness standpoint.... It's not just technology for the sake of technology. It's looking at how can we literally improve the quality of life against a broad array of issues."

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