Reach More than 1.5 million Candidates Using the CATAAlliance new ‘Post-a-Job Talent Finder’
November 10, 2011

Ottawa, November 10, 2011...CATAAlliance, Canada’s largest high tech association,  is pleased to announce a new business service called Post-a-Job Talent Finder.” This new service enables companies to post jobs to multiple social media sites, targeted email lists, RSS feeds in Canada and across the globe. Companies have the opportunity to reach more than 1.5 million executives through posting job openings on this service.

According to CATA CEO, John Reid, “we have embraced social media with a passion, and have developed major gateways in Canada and abroad, using resources such as Twitter, RSS feeds, Viadeo, You-tube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Executives are highly engaged with us in addressing the many dimensions of enterprise growth and we are recognized as a trusted source.”

How it is done…

Participants post job(s) on the CATAAlliance web site ($280/ per posting for 30 days). Your listing will be added to the site and then linked to our RSS feeds, Social Media Groups and direct email database resources, including outreach communiqués. You can attach a YouTube video about your job, your company or your industry right to your job posting for free.

 The outreach is massive!

++ Action Item

If you wish to post job(s) then please go to his URL:

You can also contact our Post-a-Job Talent Finder Team today and we can help answer any of your questions and assist you with the process. Cathi Malette is there to assist at

Make the most of your opportunities and leverage the full power of CATAAlliance today to advance the success of your business.