Document and Application Review Tool for Universities Joins CATA Web 2.0 Platform
November 10, 2008

Ottawa, November 11, 2008  --  CATA’s toolkit supporting Web 2.0 applications now extends to a new partner, Chide-It.  The University of Ottawa, Carleton University, and many other institutes are currently using a new secure Chide-It tool called “Review Room” that saves time and money for reviewing applications for Awards, Grades, and Research Projects.   

Review Room” addresses the class of needs that University Deans and their faculty would find interesting for conducting competitions where students submit applications for consideration by a review board.  

 “ReviewRoom” is a software management and productivity tool focused on structured collaboration.  It is a web-based tool that brings together all parties involved in judging and commenting on a document, into a virtual environment where their comments are shared and a consensus is developed. 

ReviewRoom makes the review process easier; ReviewRoom: 

Saves time for you and your colleagues: 

  • Has zero set-up time
  • Saves your colleagues the need to go to meetings
  • Increases productivity
  • Keeps all information in one area

 Speeds up the review process

  • Stores your auto-notifications for messages to your colleagues
  • Gives you a simple template and an auto-notification system
  •  Incorporates you own business rules and processes

 Is easy to use:

  •  Is intuitive for your colleagues to use
  •  Eliminates the need to send email documents all over the place
  •  Uses a familiar web-based format

 Develops consensus

  • Triggers new thoughts from all parties as comments are made.
  •  Makes collaboration convenient for your colleagues, by allowing people to comment at their own time.
  • Allows you to push out email notifications when a review is necessary and when new comments have been added to a review.

 In addition, ReviewRoom provides a more secure process than many traditional models for reviewing documents.  It also has versioning capability to track the progress of different stages of documents. 

If you would like to receive more information about Review Room, please contact:

Aydin Mirzaee, Co-CEO, Chide.IT Inc.
(613) 255-2437

 To be part of CATA’s Web 2.0 Promotional Showcase, please contact: 

John Reid , President, CATA
(613) 234-6091