Join us on November 21st for StartUp Canada Day on the Hill: A CATA partnered event
November 9, 2013

Dear Innovation Community executives

Please join us on November 21st for StartUp Canada Day on the Hill. CATAAlliance is partnering with Start Up Canada and encouraging full community participation.

Your first step is to take one minute to review the agenda for the day where we are sure you will agree that the program is outstanding:

Your next step is to decide which of the three events you wish to participate in, as outlined below:

Please note that the daytime programming is invite-only. If you wish to attend, please email to request an invitation. Those who arrive without a ticket will be refused entry.


The evening reception is an open event bringing together the 'who's who' of Ottawa business, politics, and media.  Click here to register.


The Export Development Canada Going Global Session is also on open event.  Click here to register.

Looking forward to seeing everyone as we rally for entrepreneurship in Canada.

John Reid, CATA CEO
Victoria Lennox, StartUp Canada CEO