Requirements for SR&ED Claims: Insights & Opportunities: View CATA's Thought Leadership Video
November 9, 2012

If you are concerned with changing requirements for SR&ED Claims then please take twenty minutes to View the Video of CATA's Sr. VP, Tax, Finance & Advocacy, Russ Roberts, and recognized industry expert Kay James as they offer their insights and guidance. 

The educational video is divided into three parts: 00:46 - Part 1: What has changed with CRA's review process; 0512 - Part 2: Summary of changes and implications; and, 10:35 - Part 3: What should a company do? Recommendations. The material will be of special interest to CFO's, Directors of Finance and Owners involved in SR&ED Claims.

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View the Video

Further Guidance & Insight:

Both Dr. Roberts and Ms. James are active advisors on CATA's SR&ED Social Media Group (820 members) that serves as a venue for the community to bring forward their experiences and seek suggestions and advice from others on practices that are more or less effective with the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA. On this Group you will find multiple discussion threads on SR&ED, tax and finance issues. We also invite the community to provide advocacy guidance for improving Canada's investment climate.

If you have not done so already, please View the Video and then join the SR&ED Group at this URL:
and benefit from its educational resources.