Actionable insights with NIKE & TELUS on Corporate Brand & Talent Retention: Audio recording now available
November 8, 2013

Our recent Teleforum (recording now available) offered a global talent perspective from Hart Hillman, a Senior Partner & Global Technology Leader at the Bedford Transearch Group, David Ayre, VP Global Human Resources at Nike, and, Josh Blair, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources & Chief Corporate Officer, TELUS. 

Overview of the Teleforum (40 minute recording)

With the line between employer brand and corporate brand more and more blurred it’s vital that both your employer brand and corporate brand deliver on their promises; there is no hiding place from negative press in the open social media world and what affects the brand will damage the employer brand and vice-versa.

Your employer and corporate brand send a powerful message to the world about your company’s culture and what it stands for in the marketplace.

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