News Alert: Obama’s Win and the U.S. Tech Agenda: Can Canada Keep Pace?
November 7, 2012

President Obama's win on November 6 means his technology agenda will move forward. This includes:
  • A push for Open Data
  • Investment in Clean Tech and start-ups
  • Support for innovation investment
Here is a portion of a letter the re-elected President sent to the NY Tech Meetup group; the full text can be found on their web site:

"We're expanding broadband networks to connect businesses large and small with markets around the World. The health care law invests in our health IT infrastructure, improving the delivery and management of care. Wall Street reform put a consumer protection cop on the beat, using technology to help consumers understand their rights when buying a home or using a credit card.

Across your government, we've used technology to bridge the offline and online divide to empower citizens and build a more participatory democracy. On my first day in office I created the position of U.S. Chief Technology Officer so we can pursue new open data initiatives to unleash unprecedented volumes of government data related to energy, education, international development, public safety and other areas. We're unlocking our resources to fuel new products, companies and industries and connect the next generation of entrepreneurs to freely available government data, while rigorously protecting and respecting privacy rights. And we recently announced the first class of "Presidential Innovation Fellows," talented private sector innovators who will spend six months in Washington partnering up with the government's top innovators to meet straightforward goals: improve the lives of the American people, save taxpayer dollars and fuel job creation across the country."

"These are obviously areas where Canadian industry can benefit by creating partnerships and marketing services aimed at these fields," said Barry Gander, CATA EVP and Co-founder, i-CANADA.

John Reid, CATA President, added: "CATA is working in these key areas already, and can help companies get a jump into the U.S. markets. Contact to discuss our opportunities."