Protecting Your Intellectual Property in China
November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010

Protecting Your Intellectual Property in China - Recording Now Available!

This exclusive 1-hour CATA teleforum provides critical insight into Intellectual Property (IP) laws in China. IP has been identified by some of the executives participating in the upcoming EVS25 Mission to China in November as a special concern.

Though China's booming economy promises greater market access and a more predictable commercial environment, and companies are finding more commercial opportunities in China, there are potential challenges companies should be aware of, related to the protection of intellectual property (IP). While the Chinese Government is taking steps to prevent piracy, the best defence is due diligence and awareness of the perils and pitfalls.

This Conference Call, courtesy of Gowlings, provides an introduction to China's IP Rights environment, describes methods for safeguarding and protecting IPR.

The information provided in the call is not meant to be comprehensive, and is not legal advice, but is a general guide or 'first step' for firms entering the China market.

Gowlings is one of Canada's largest law firms, and a recognized leader in business law, advocacy and intellectual property. With over 700 business-savvy legal professionals, Gowlings offers industry insight and expertise in virtually every area of law. Gowlings' international offices have won awards for IP work. The experts on the call will be Andrew Foti, Partner; and Dr. Xiang Lu, Partner, Gowlings.

Andrew Foti is a partner in Gowlings' Ottawa office and a member of the Technology Industry Group. A leading practitioner in the areas of commercial technology law and corporate finance, Andrew assists technology companies in financings, business combinations, licensing and e-commerce issues. He also regularly provides strategic advice and representation on procurement, outsourcing and related matters to technology vendors and large and mid-sized enterprises acquiring information technology systems.

Dr. Xiang Lu is partner in Gowlings' Ottawa office, practising in the areas of molecular biology, biotechnology, optical technologies, software applications and business methods, communication network architecture and broadly related convergence technology. Xiang has drafted and prosecuted patents, prepared infringement and validity opinions for clients ranging from government labs, university research labs, small and mid-sized enterprises, to multinational corporations. Xiang is fluent in English, Chinese and German.

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This exclusive CATA Teleforum recording is available for download at the CATA Research Repository. Service fee: CATA Members or Research Subscribers: $25 (plus GST), Non-members: $65 (plus GST) payable by credit card to 613-222-6465. Fees are reinvested in our research and business development programs.

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