Growth in the New Flat World Guide Provides Canadian Businesses Competitive Insight
November 03, 2006

Now Available to CATAAlliance members

Ottawa, November 06, 2006… The impacts of the Flat World trend are undeniable and will affect the evolution of business worldwide; these trends must be clearly understood by Canadian businesses developing their growth strategies. Are you prepared to respond?

The newly published Growth in the New Flat World Guide will assist you in assessing emerging opportunities (new markets) and threats (more intense competition). It draws on the thought leadership of 82 Canadian executives (e.g., from IBM Canada, HP Canada, Microsoft Canada, Novell inc., Adlib Software, Mercury, SAP Canada, Accenture, MTS Allstream, CGI) who in a unique interactive format addressed themes such as disruption innovation, long tail opportunities, partners and alliances and the art of execution.

The Guide is in the form of a 12 page Executive Briefing, and is ideally suited for CEO’s who can engage their team in corporate brainstorming on how to address the dynamics of the new Flat World. It covers four major themes:

  • Disruption Innovation: trends and patterns (IDC Canada)
  • How to Grow in a Flat World: Is the world really flat? Going global; Long tail opportunities; the  value of people; sales challenges; partners and alliances; and dealing with risk
  • The Art of Executive: views of the panelists
  • Related Challenges: SMB challenges; adjusting to multiple markets; and, tapping into global resources

We gratefully acknowledge the leadership of the Access Group, KPMG, Accenture, Grech Associates, the Technology Marketing Resource Centre and Second City for their sponsorship support of the Flat World CEO Roundtable.

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To receive your copy of the New Flat World Guide, please contact CATA’s President John Reid at For CATA members only and the media.

Also note that the next in the series of CEO Roundtables takes place on November 30th at the University of Toronto, Bahen Centre for Information Technology. The theme is “My Customer – My Innovator”. Participation is by invitation only as a guest of CATAAlliance. Please indicate your interest as soon as possible.