Can You Help CIO's Speak Business?
November 02, 2007

'Geek speak' means the inability of CIOs to speak or think in the language of business. Many companies desperately need to listen to their CIOs however, because only the CIO can bring process efficiency into the organization. The CIO needs to understand the role of the business units-an especially important task today when considering the CIO's responsibility for bringing the "information" of Information Technology into the business. As vendors, many of us may have solutions that can benefit our clients but how can we help bridge the 'language barrier' between IT and their business units?

JOIN US on Wednesday, November 7th for an intimate peer-to-peer discussion on HOW TO HELP CIOs bridge the gap between IT AND business units. What metrics will be needed in measuring business success versus IT implementation time and cost? What are the unique strengths we bring to this challenge? What are the challenges we have to overcome? How can we become more systematic?

Please join us for peer to peer "kitchen table conversation" roundtable discussion.
Wednesday November 7th from 9 am to 11 am
Event Location: IBM Canada 120 Bloor Street East; Toronto, ON M4W 1B7

Don't miss your chance to debate, discuss and determine how your organization can help resolve these challenges! Using our proven and effective "kitchen table conversation" format, join fellow peers and colleagues in an interactive, informative and FREE half-day event.

Who will benefit from this event:
Senior Sales or Marketing executives from technology or consulting firms with over $10 million in sales.
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* Please note: We will only accept the first 8 registered guests; registration is limited to senior level technology executives. Attendance is contingent upon host acceptance.