Crowdfunding Campaign builds Ballet, Bullying Prevention: Beauty Heals the Beast: combination of art, social cause
October 31, 2013

CATA is adding to its advocacy leadership for the adoption of crowdfunding in Canada, by taking a lead role in using crowdfunding to promote a social cause:  Bullying Prevention program.  It can be seen at:

++ Action requested: Please make a contribution in support of the Bullying Prevention program today. 

Combining the launch of a prestigious ballet season with Bulling Prevention will help make people realize the amount of pain that goes into creating a personal success, said John Reid, President of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA).

“We have combined a world-class dance with a personal triumph of the spirit, and we are pleased to be working with Brian Bronfman and the i-CANADA Peace Alliance on this project,” said Mr. Reid.  “We want to draw attention to the effort that goes into overcoming personal limitations.  Ballet is an excellent example of beauty that arises from struggle, as is the case with young people fighting to get over acts of deliberate injustice.  The two struggles create beauty: one in dance, the other in personal dignity.

“We are also pleased that the funds raised will serve twin purposes: towards the development of local ballet, and to a campaign to help prevent bullying,” stated Reid.

The crowdfunding campaign is called “Danser pour la dignite - Dance For Dignity”, and was launched by an alliance of Brian Bronfman’s i-CANADA Peace Alliance, and Bengt Jorgen, Artistic Director and CEO of Ballet Jorgen, Canada’s most active ballet company.  “Our new Romeo and Juliet ballet, which opens in Quebec City, seemed an ideal time to join forces with Brian and his worthy cause,” said Mr, Jorgen.  “We are telling a story of love, and what could be more powerful than a demonstration of love for our fellows, who are suffering from a life of indignity and injustice.”

Contributors to “Danser pour la dignite - Dance For Dignity” can receive a progression of dance-themed memorabilia, including an opportunity to watch the famed Ballet Jorgen professionals in rehearsal.  The Romeo and Juliet production has been highly praised, as  a “jewel-box” dance; it will be performed in theatres across Canada.

Contributors to “Danser pour la dignite - Dance For Dignity” can see the crowdfunding site at:

For more information about Ballet Jorgen and the Romeo and Juliet performance, go to:

In a related announcement, CATAAlliance advises that it is considering the creation of a “United Way For Social Causes”  -  a general crowdfunding site promoted through its extensive social media resources and peer networks that would collect funds for re-distribution to worthy social causes .  The funds would be allocated by the CATA Board and the i-CANADA Governors Council.  Anyone with ideas and comments, please share your views with:

Barry Gander
Co-Founder, i-CANADA