CATAAlliance Receives CAMSC Partnership Award
October 30, 2007

CATAAlliance is pleased to announce it has won the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) Partnership Award, recently awarded at a lavish gala dinner in Toronto.

left to right:
CAMSC President Orrin Benn presented the award to Kevin Wennekes, VP of CATAAlliance.


Toronto, Ontario - The award recognizes the partnership or strategic alliances between non-profit organizations, industry associations or government ministries, Crown Corporations, or agencies intended to facilitate procurement opportunities with Aboriginal and Minority-owned businesses.

CAMSC President Orrin Benn presented the award to CATAAlliance in thanks and recognition of the strong levels of collaboration and clear sense of commitment CATAAlliance has demonstrated towards helping advance CAMSC's mission.

CATAAlliance VP Research Kevin Wennekes was in attendance to receive the award and his acceptance remarks reaffirmed an ongoing commitment to a continued strengthening of the CATA-CAMSC partnership.

"At the core, our two organizations are seeking similar outcomes for our members: a strong, competitive business environment in which to work and the development of innovative programs and processes through which our stakeholders can generate new business for their firms," says Mr. Wennekes. "Our work with CAMSC will be certain to generate practical, tangible tools and outcomes that will assist not just our own respective members, but potentially all Canadian companies."

CATA-CAMSC Collaboration

The two organizations have been working together to address some key challenges impacting on the membership of each organization, including:

  • The creation of a Procurement Portal for Minority and Aboriginal Business Owners designed to link diverse suppliers to purchasing opportunities with CAMSC and CATA members and corporate, industry and government participants; provide a platform for suppliers to market their products/services and generate business leads, and increase communications and exchange of ideas & support amongst our network of diverse suppliers
  • Defining a Canadian Brand - providing thought leadership and advocacy regarding the need for a strong National Brand in order to better compete in a global economy
  • Shared Advocacy positions - need for strong SR&ED program; corporate tax friendly environment, reformed government procurement processes, workforce diversity, and many others (see the Innovation Nation Platform for more details).

Get Involved!
Sign the online petition and contact Kevin Wennekes to learn how to get involved in the Diversity Portal initiative.

CAMSC Award Winners (left to right):
Orrin Benn, President CAMSC;
Mervin Dewasha, CEO Neegan Burnside;
Kevin Wennekes, VP of Research, CATAAlliance;
Kevin Hamilton, VP Operations, Flex-N-Gate;
Jeff Jaffer, President QBD Cooling Systems;
Beth Pomper, Trade Commissioner, Canadian Trade Consulate in Philadephia;
Garth Scully, Chairman CAMSC, VP Cisco Sytems.

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The Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) is an independent private sector led, non-profit membership organization. CAMSC was formed by corporate Canada to facilitate access for Aboriginal and minority-owned suppliers that may not previously have been able to penetrate traditional corporate supply chains. In return, corporations are gaining choice, innovation, competitiveness and market knowledge by accessing an underutilized yet growing supplier base. Canada's economy also wins because it boosts employment levels, trade and competitiveness.