IBM TO FEATURE “Intelligent Operations Centre” for Smarter Cities AT i-CANADA EVENT: Join Us for the launch
October 28, 2011

Toronto, Oct., 28, 2011... A solution that gives community planners and administrators a "dashboard overview" of community operations will be featured to enthusiasts of the "Intelligent Community", at "The New National Dream" summit in Windsor in mid-November. The IBM Intelligent Operations Centre (IOC) will be accompanied by presentation of a new "assessment tool" for mapping a community's progression towards Intelligent Community status.

The IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities -- is a new solution designed to help cities of all sizes gain a holistic view of information across city departments and agencies. By infusing analytical insights into municipal operations through one central point of command, cities will be able to better anticipate problems, respond to crises, and manage resources.

The IOC will allow cities to use information and analytics to make smarter and more timely decisions, helping local leaders manage a spectrum of events, both planned and unplanned, such as deploying water maintenance crews to repair pumps before they break, alerting fire crews to broken fire hydrants at an emergency scene, or anticipating traffic congestion and preparing redirection scenarios.

IDC Government Insights estimates the new Smarter Cities information technology market opportunity at $34 billion in 2011, increasing more than 18 percent per year to $57 billion by 2014.

"All cities are made up of a complex system of systems that are all inextricably linked. The Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities recognizes the behavior of the city as a whole, thus providing more coordinated and timely decision-making based on deep insights into how each city system will react to a given situation," said Anne Altman, general manager, Global Public Sector, IBM. "With more than 2,000 smarter cities engagements worldwide, we are now applying best practices and solutions that can be scaled to cities of all sizes around the globe."

Through a unified operations center, cities will be able to:
  • Accurately gather, analyze and act on information about city systems and services, including public safety, transportation, water, buildings, social services and agencies.
  • Analyze real-time information to better model and anticipate problems to minimize the impact of disruptions to citizens.
  • Integrate real-time information from across multiple city systems to enable collaborative decision making for rapid response to events and incidents.
Examples of city-wide uses supported by the dashboard include the management of Public Safety, Transportation and Water.

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Complimenting the dashboard, i-CANADA's Dr. Sorin Cohn will demonstrate the first in a set of Intelligent Community Assessment Tools (i-CAT) to guide communities through the process of becoming more globally competitive as "Smart Cities" or "Intelligent Communities" A quick Self Assessment i-CAT tool is already available on-line for community leaders who want to be ahead in the competitive race and want to start working with i-CANADA on the best ways to advance their communities status.

"The set of Assessment Tools is the product of massive collaboration with industry leaders such as IBM, Intel, FunctionFour, ING DIRECT, Miller Thomson, and Rhyzome Networks," said Dr. Cohn. "We collected the available best practices and added our own insights and research. The resulting set of Assessment Tools will reveal a community's factors of strengths and weaknesses, determine its momentum, and help it build the collaboration and e-solutions ecosystem. Understanding this is essential to a community's competitive survival in the open global marketplace."

The online 'light' version of the Assessment Tool will take a municipal official only a few hours to complete, according to Dr. Cohn.

Other highlights of the conference include:
  • The 'Growing Millionaires' ecosystem model from New Brunswick: "We used to be known for potatoes and fish; now New Brunswick is a showcase for digital investments and green waves of wealth."
  • Resource matchmaking between vendors and community leaders, to match the latest methods and services with the pressing needs of community officers charged with evolving their cities.
  • Dashboards that provide at-a-glance views of a city's systems and operations.
  • Matching the Toronto Challenge of a billion-bits of data speed per second - 'streaming IMAX' - and what it does for healthcare, the arts, policing, city administration, and the need to keep up with the best?
  • Global and Canadian Best Practices that are planning to meet a wave of demand in a world where high-speed networking is a Fundamental Right of all citizens.
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