Request for Participation in a CanWIT video interview on IT Leadership
October 27, 2014

Dear community members

Part of the CanWIT mandate is to reach out to women aspiring to work in the high tech sector through providing positive role models from successful IT leaders in their various fields of interest.

Would you be able to confirm your interest in taking part in a TechNOW video interview of approximately five minutes where you would offer some guidance and insight to young women aspiring to a career in high tech? All that is required is for you to have a Gmail address (or obtain one) and a good web cam with ear buds. We use the Gmail platform to conduct our interviews.

To give you an idea of the format, here is a recent interview conducted by CATAAlliance VP Katherine Thompson with CGI VP, John Proctor on the topic of cyber security: 

Also if you know of a good candidate for an interview, please confirm contact details and we will follow-up.

The interviews will be embedded in social media across Canada and globally. They will also be provided directly to some of Canada’s educational institutions.

It is one of the ways that CanWIT is working to fulfill our important mandate.

Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely

Sandra Wear, CEO, CanWIT
& VP, CATAAlliance