CATA Trade Mission to Italy:
October 27, 2008

Mike Fox, President of Brightlights ( and VP for CATA's Teleforum Series will be attending an upcoming Conference in Genoa, Italy representing CATA's members. Meetings are being organized with a number of companies in the region and include diverse areas such as:

Research and manufacturing in the following areas:

   - Superconduvtive magnets
   - MRI
   - Telecommunications equipment
   - Motion control products
   - Navigation and ID solutions
   - Circuit boards for electrical and power systems
   - Medical Diagnostic equipment
   - Robotics and automation
   - GIS control Systems

Software for the following:

   - Traffic and security
   - Transportation
   - GIS
   - Control systems
   - Surveillance
   - Communications
   - Voice recognition
   - Simulation systems

Distributors for the following:

   - Medical devices

If you have an interest in connecting with any of these types of organizations for partnering, technology, distribution or otherwise please contact Mike for a list and website on the firms. Mike would be happy to make the introduction.

Mike Fox
2300 Yonge St., Suite 1000
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 1E4
Tel: 416-406-1777