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October 26, 2013

Attn: Women in Tech Executives
From: CanWIT Logistical Team

Re: New CanWIT Newsletter


Dear Women in Tech Executives

We are now publishing a curated Newsletter dedicated to providing updates, alerts and career information for Women in Tech as part of the CanWIT (Women in Tech) services to the community.

By curated we mean that you can send us a URL from any news item you wish included in the Newsletter and then you will see your news in the next edition. We also have a limited amount of advertising space if you are interested.

Please view the current issue of the Can WIT Newsletter at:

Don’t forget to Subscribe at the Blue Bottom, top right corner of the page.

One of our goals is to engage the community, build relationships and attract interest to the CanWIT mission.

If you have any questions then please contact your Logistical Team.

Cathi Malette

Alice Debroy