Canadian Cities Dominate List of Smart21 Intelligent Communities
October 22, 2013

The New York-based Intelligent Community Forum has released the names of the “Smart21” contenders for the prestigious designation of Intelligent Community of the Year in June 2014, and Canadian cities made up the largest single component.

This year the Smart21 is comprised of six communities from Canada, four from both Australia and the United States, three from Taiwan and one each from Kenya, Greece, Brazil and New Zealand. The communities range in size from 15,000 people in Mitchell, USA to more than six million in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fifteen of the communities are returning to the Smart21 list while Coffs Harbour, Montreal, Nairobi County, Parkland County, Sunshine Coast and Walla Walla are making a first time appearance.

The Canadian communities include Kingston, Montreal, Parkland County, AB, Quebec City, Toronto and Winnipeg.

“We are doing something right in Canada,” said Barry Gander, Co-Founder of i-CANADA.  I-CANADA is a movement dedicated to creating a nation of Intelligent Communities.  “The rewards from this can be immense, with a trillion-dollar market at stake plus sustainable economies and healthier societies.”  I-CANADA is working with some 50 communities across the country, helping them accelerate their progress.  


For further information contact:
Jeff McNamee
VP Business Development, i-CANADA