Guidance for Posting Information on SR&ED Products and Services
October 18, 2013

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Dear members

This is a guidance note to explain how to post your service and product offering to the SR&ED Group site.

As background, with the issuance of CRA's new SR&ED policies and their increased emphasis on how a company documents their SR&ED projects, many members are developing new and refined services and products to assist executives meet these challenges. 

Adjusting to the realities of the CRA is critical for innovation financing to be predictably associated with the SR&ED tax credits. 

Our team has discussed how best to help the Community know who is developing services and products that respond to CRA's new expectations. 

We are now inviting organizations to highlight their offerings on the Promotional Section of our SR&ED Linkedin site.

The Promotions Section is also integrated with CATA’s extensive social media outreach that makes use of venues such as the CATA Twitter Feed, Databases and weekly News Pulse to increase brand exposure. 

Criteria for posting are that your company meets the following:

• Be a CATAAlliance member company and a member of the Innovation/SR&ED Subgroup and thus be a supporter of our competitive innovation nation advocacy and SR&ED advocacy.

• Commit your firm to providing potential clients with clear information on:

-- the range of services you provide and specialties;

-- your success rate in your recent years' SR&ED filings from the point of view of percent of claims accepted as filed for CCPCs and others, and success rates for claims under review specific to the type of claim; and,

-- your familiarity with the practices re: eligibility and documentation needs of CRA's SR&ED reviewers in the office where the claim will be reviewed specific to the type of claim. 

We hope you like our idea for providing members with a new venue to present their SR&ED products and services to the Community.

Our goal is to help you leverage our resources in order to alert influential corporate decision makers and consumers as to your offerings and how to respond to the CRA.

Please provide any thoughts on this initiative and suggestions for improvements in the criteria for posts.

Russ Roberts 

Senior Vice President, Tax, Finance and Advocacy
Russ Roberts <