An 'Innovation Nation White Paper' - Moving to Number One
October 17, 2007

"If Canada is to become the Innovation Nation, we've got to do a better job of supporting, growing and retaining our high tech companies and the people that power them."  (Terrance Matthews, CATA National Spokesperson, Chair, Mitel Corp.)

The imperative of "we've got to do better" was further reinforced in a recent Conference Board of Canada Report that spoke to Canada's lack of innovation, a 14th place ranking or a D Grade in Innovation, among the 17 OECD nations.

One of the roles of CATA is to encourage active debate on ways for Canada to improve its innovative capacity, thus we are offering initiatives to catalyze debate, leading to constructive change.

++ Action Item:
Please review the Innovation Nation White paper and send us your ideas on how to improve Canada's rankings.

DOWNLOAD the Innovation Nation White Paper Executives interested in participating in the Innovation Nation Campaign should call CATA President John Reid at 613-236-6550, ext: 224 or email