A Tax Measure for Increased Productivity in Business
October 16, 2006

Date: October 16th, 2006
Re: A Tax Measure for Increased Productivity in Business

++ Action Item:
Mobilize in support of Recommendation to Finance Minister


One of CATA's core planks is the advancement of "measures to speed ICT adoption by the public and private sectors, particularly for small to mid sized (SME) businesses." Please review the details of a tax measure to increase productivity in business, part of CATA's submissions to the Minister of Finance:


MP and Community Mobilization

Please send electronically and/or print out and fax the recommendation letter and follow up with a phone call to your local MP, media and network of contacts. Please stress that an incentive for productivity growth is the kind of tax policy our businesses need to strengthen and compete internationally with technologically savvy and more productive economies.

We will be sending shortly details of a comprehensive tax and finance policy submission advancing industry interests at the provincial and federal levels.

Yours sincerely,
John Reid
President, CATAAlliance