Emurgenz Innovation Inc. turns to CATA's New Social Trade Show Channel to Boost Market Awareness for the world's first integrated, emergency escape mask (PEBA)
October 15, 2015

Montreal, PQ...Emurgenz Innovation Inc., developer of the world's first integrated, emergency escape mask (PEBA) announced today that it has turned to the CATAAlliance (www.cata.ca)   Social Trade Show Channel for help in finding customers, investors, partners and media coverage.

Companies participate in the new Channel by providing an elevator pitch video, a live TechNow interview to further explore their value proposition and customer interviews to validate the benefits of the technology or service being profiled.

Start Up Entrepreneurs Yvan Routhier and Robert Beaulieu had this to say about the new Channel, “"What great support from the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) to help an entrepreneurial company with branding and market awareness. CATA outreach will aid with our crowdfunding launch, in particular. They have massive social media channels that we are now leveraging.”

Routhier and Beauliew added, “ Take a look and see how CATA is creating product profile for Emurgenz Innovation Inc., through the use of video and digital marketing resources: https://vimeo.com/channels/tradeshow/142143617

More on the Social Trade Show Channel

The new Social Trade Show Channel is how you leverage CATA’s large opt-in social Groups to connect with customers, investors & media.Through videos (e.g,, elevator pitch, CEO and customer interviews) that our team will help you produce, viewers learn about your products & services. It’s your elevator pitch for leveraging digital assets.

Videos include descriptive text for links to white papers, crowdfunding, surveys & URLs. Combined participation in CATA's Social Groups is 250+ thousand executives, with added outreach to contacts through partner arrangements & databases directed to Canadian and global markets.

CATA CEO. John Reid, concluded, “Our digital and social resources have been instrumental in helping advance major advocacy campaigns. Now we have a way to help companies win more customers, investors, partners and media coverage, all part of creating more commercial success and a competitive innovation nation, where Canada ranks number one.”

++ Action Item: Interested in the new Social Trade Show Channel, then contact CATA CEO John Reid at jreid@cata.ca