Latin American Emerging Markets: Diversify Your Exports Teleforum:
October 15, 2009

October 15, 2009

Latin American Emerging Markets: Diversify Your Exports

A CATA-Brightlights-eXpancom Teleforum: Tuesday, October 20th at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time

Emerging and developing economies such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia Brazil, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico are growing and should gain new consideration for IT & Telecom export diversification. Learn more about the present opportunities in Latin America and how to diversify your exports.

Many companies are now aware of the growth in Latin American countries, for example:
  • The Latin America-Caribbean region saw their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) advance at an average pace of 4.5% in 2008;
  • Peru was had the highest GSP growth with 9.4% followed by Panama with 9.2% in 2008;
  • Brazil's mobile subscriber's rate is growing at the incredible rate of 1,300,000 a month (as of January 2009);
  • Mexican IT services market grew around 14% in 2008;
  • Colombia was the fifth fastest growing Internet market in the World during 2008;
  • In 2008, Central America reached a total of 33.0 million wireless subscriptions, an increase of 27.8 percent from the previous year.
Join us for this one-hour Teleforum and gain valuable insights presented by company's executives and industry experts on how to grow your business in Latin America. This Teleforum will have an immediate impact on your ability to expand into Latin America. You will learn:
  • What are the emerging markets in Latin America today?
  • How to determine the market entry strategy?
  • What are the do's and don'ts (rules) when expanding to Latin America?
  • What are Federal Government export support programs?
Who should attend?
IT & Telecom companies looking to expand their markets and any technology executive looking for fast-growth markets

Who will be on the call?
Kevin Suitor, Vice President, Marketing at Redline Communications (Canada) Kevin Suitor, Vice President, Marketing at Redline Communications, is responsible for identifying key partnerships and building market awareness globally. Mr. Suitor is widely recognized for his expertise in the telecommunications industry and is Redline's primary WiMAX Forum delegate. His extensive market and technology knowledge relating to service providers and equipment manufacturers has helped him author numerous articles in several industry publications. Mr. Suitor is also a regular speaker on topics such as broadband fixed wireless, 802.16, WiMAX, VoIP and virtual private networks.

Alberto Quiroz, VP of International Sales for I-Gard Corp (Canada) Alberto is I-Gard's Business Development Manager for the America's. He has extensive experience in Business Development and establishing channel partnerhsips throughout Central and South America. His knowledge of the region will provide practical and unique insights to the various geographies and their opportunities and challenges. I-Gard is a leading manufacturer of custom electric assemblies.

Katia Rivareneyra, Canada Trade Commissioner (Canada Embassy Peru) Ms. Rivadeneyra has been with the Commercial Section of the Canadian Embassy in Lima, Peru since September 1996. Before joining the Canadian Embassy, she worked in the project assessment area of the technical cooperation section at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Lima. With a background in marketing, Ms. Rivadeneyra's responsibilities currently include the identification of business opportunities in information and communication technologies, security products, health industries, consumer products, education, service industries and capital projects, and arts and cultural industries.

Daniel Ramos, President at eXpancom (Brazil) Daniel's expertise stems from 11 years in Latin American marketing and market research within the telecommunications and ICT industries. Prior to founding eXpancom he held management positions at Bell Canada and Harris MCD in Latin America. eXpancom provides unique market research and geographic specific insights customized for SMBs. This allows executives and entrepreneurs to make informed decisions in a timely and cost effective manner. A multilingual professional, Mr. Ramos is a speaker at industry events throughout the Americas.

Mike Fox, Managing Director, Brightlights (Canada): Moderator Mike has 20 years of recruiting experience working with technology companies. His company, Brightlights assists software and hardware firms by connecting them with great people, helping them find international channel partnerships and assisting them with strategic business planning and interim management. Mike is the moderator and sponsor of the CATA Teleforum Series.

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How do I sign up?
Just go to link and fill out the electronic form for this teleforum. You should receive a confirmation email, call-in details will be provided closer to the date of the call via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Emily Boucher at There is no charge to take part in this call, however pre-registration is required.

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