Adapting Your Business During Times of A Crisis in Confidence Hear about next year’s technology spending intentions: Sign up for the Conference Call today
October 14, 2008

An Expertly Moderated CATAAlliance/Brightlights Teleforum – (November 12, 11:00 a.m. EST)

Adapting Your Business During Times of

A Crisis in Confidence

Hear about next years technology spending intentions

 Technology SMEs need to be particularly agile in their business efforts during challenging times.  All aspects need to be looked at in order to conserve cash, focus on the right clients and service model and optimize their efficiencies.  In this one hour Teleforum, we will consult with industry experts to help you focus on the critical aspects of your business and outpace your competition.  We’ll look at:

-          Spending intentions in the leading Information Technology sector and what they signal for public software companies and software M&A activity

-          Creating a laser-like focus on your value proposition

-          Deciding on your ideal customer and how to reach them at the lowest cost

-          Managing and motivating people and competing for talent in challenging times

-          Trade-offs that will impact your salability and exit valuation in the future: profitability vs. growth, R&D vs. sales, market focus vs. expansion, etc.

 Who will benefit from this session?

Anyone involved with managing all, or parts, of a technology SME as well as individuals wanting to learn about the inner workings and motivations of their clients.

 Who will be on this Teleforum?

Ken Bender is the Managing Director of U.S. based Software Equity Group, one of the world’s most respected investment banks serving the software and technology sectors.  For more than twenty-five years he has advised, counseled and guided literally thousands of software entrepreneurs, executives and equity investors worldwide. Industry newsletter Software Success and others have recognized him as "The Nation's leading expert in midcap software and internet M&A transactions." 

 Cal Haverstock is the former President of Prime Canada, MAI Canada, Bull HN Information Systems, and Star Data.  He provides consulting services to organizations for turnarounds, strategic planning, team development and out-sourcing and has been integrally involved in five turnaround situations in the last few years.

 Len Wechsler is the former President of Lifeline Systems Canada, Inc. a firm which was acquired by Philips Electronics in 2006.  He is also a Chartered Accountant.  Through innovative planning, performance and management strategies Len built a fast growth company to exceed 80% market share.

 Mike Fox, the founder of Brightlights (, is the moderator and co-sponsor of this Teleforum series.  He has spent 20 years helping small and mid-sized software firms hire, develop, and retain great people to help their companies grow.

 ++ Action Item: How do I sign up?

If you are interested in participating in the Teleforum or have questions please contact Emily Boucher at CATAAlliance (613-236-6550 ext. 4) or email-  All the information you need will be forwarded to you by email. Please use Teleforum in the subject line.

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