Major Spokesgroup Releases White Paper on Canada’s Innovation leadership -- Others do better: Focus on global best practices for improving low rankings
October 14, 2015

Major Spokesgroup Releases White Paper on Canada’s Innovation leadership -- Others do better: Focus on global best practices for improving low rankings

Ottawa, ON... CATAAlliance released a White Paper today on Canada’s Innovation leadership: Others do better as part of its Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign that aims at moving Canada to number one ranking in innovation and competitiveness.

As outlined in the White Paper, Canada's rankings lag behind many other nations and much has been proposed to reverse this trend.

According to White Paper author, CATA Sr. VP, Russ Roberts with more than 30 years of public policy experience, "CATAAlliance has been an active participant in the formation and delivery of government framework tax policies, regulations and activities, critical to the success of Canada's innovation industries," and we are providing research insights as part of an outreach for global best practices to support clear and accurate calls for action to advance Canada as a competitive innovation nation."

CATA CEO, John Reid, commented, “ As part of the outreach, we also expanding our Video Sharing Advocacy Leadership Channel with new best practice interviews where executives discuss what tools, strategies and approaches are working best to advance their country’s innovation and competitiveness rankings?”

The current set of 71 advocacy interviews is offered at this landing page:

Roberts added, “ Our advocacy aims to engage federal political parties, MPs, media and other major influencers through video interviews, roundtables, and other conversational tools designed to connect them to the voices of community leaders in the public and private sector.”

CATA CEO, John Reid, concluded,  “Our big goal is a shared community approach to cultivating every advantage and eliminating every barrier to competitiveness, a goal that is vital to realize the improvements that will let Canada rank amongst the highest performers as a competitive innovation based economy.”

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Mobilization & Engagement: If you have an individual or organizational interest in collaborating with CATAAlliance to advance Canada’s competitive Innovation Nation, then please contact CATAAlliance, CEO, John Reid at You can also sign up for the CATA moderated Social Media Group (11,300 members) at:


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