Canada’s Research Networks Plug Into “Innovation Nation”
October 11, 2007

CATAAlliance and Flintbox have agreed to work together to build better linkages between the CATA membership and Flintbox. More than 60 Canadian research institutions and a network of users from over one hundred countries around the world use Flintbox, an innovation database and matchmaking tool for industry and academia, community and government to connect and build relationships.

CATA is the biggest business development association for producers and users of advanced technology in Canada. With an umbrella of special-interest, municipal, provincial and allied organizations, CATA directly reaches 20,000 technology executives and an additional 22,000 technology users. CATA is also a driving force for Canadian research and development.

“Flintbox is uniquely positioned with its national network of participating research institutions to connect our membership with the licensing opportunities from Canadian research and critical relationships intotechnology transfer,” said Barry Gander, EVP. “We can plug thousands ofacademic and research organizations into partnership opportunities that occur every week. It is a pleasure to welcome Flintbox into a vital relationship as a cornerstone of CATA’s “Innovation Nation” program.

“Working together with CATA is an important next step for Flintbox as it evolves into a more integrated platform,” said Stephen Smith, Project Director.