How would Steve Jobs design Canadian healthcare? The need for a user-centred design revolution: On Air Live with Dr. Damon Ramsey, Founder of
October 10, 2013

October 17, 2013

On Air Live with Dr. Damon Ramsey, Founder of
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Dr. Damon Ramsey, Founder of
CATA CEO John Reid (in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), interviews Damon Ramsey, MD (in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), Founder of - an interactive health technology company, on the need for a healthcare user-centred design revolution. Dr. Ramsey, an innovator in his own right, will envision how Steve Jobs might tackle the delivery of health care technology to our citizens.

Dr. Ramsey is also a member of the new CATAAlliance Mobile Health Advisory Board (MHAB) which brings together stakeholders who strongly believe that the greater adoption of mobile technology would significantly enhance the quality of health care services delivered Canadian citizens as well as drive cost efficiencies throughout the healthcare system.

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