Intelligent Communities: why Canada is being trashed, praised and positioned: The i-CANADA SUMMIT and the what, why and how of creating Intelligent Communities
October 10, 2012

i-CANADA Summit: A Canada for the 21st Century

Sunday, October 21, 2012
SAT Multi-Media Centre, 1201 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal

Communities are the main competitive weapon of nations in today’s global Ideas Economy.  The definitive map of how to make an Intelligent Community is being drawn at the i-CANADA SUMMIT, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive event devoted to exploring the opportunities and avoiding the pitfalls. 

The best part, according to participants, is meeting the people who have already gone through the municipal expansion process.  Mayors, Premiers, CEOs, and experts will coach fellow leaders in creating successful financing, open data, mobile security, high-speed networking and regional collaboration.  

Hot news at the SUMMIT: 

Why Are Canadian Internet Speed s Trashed by Netflix -  A new broadband policy is a contentious issue 

Who Are The Best?? - ICF to Name the global best “SMART21” at  Montreal SUMMIT; Mayor of 2012 smartest city to speak at SUMMIT 

“Imagine Canada Solving Cancer” … high speed fibre optic networks could help - ORION President and CEO, Dr. Darin Graham to Address “The Need For Speed” 

New Financing Through Crowdfunding - Intensity The Job Creation Campaign For Canadians 

New Coast-to-Coast Regional Plans - Permanent BC, Atlantic Canada workshops form to coordinate i-Nation applications; Alberta Summit features i-Nation message 

Getting the Value From the Digital Infrastructure  -  Setting the stage for the conversations will be Peter Aceto, President and CEO, ING DIRECT, who will urge fellow CEOs to ‘seize the power’ of social media in order to lead the stimulation of the Canadian economy.  A panel aimed at community leaders will describe What It Takes To Win. The panelists include Brenda Halloran, Mayor, Waterloo; Dan Mathieson, Mayor, Stratford; and Brad Woodside, Mayor, Fredericton. Continuing the “winning” theme, the afternoon keynote is Mayor Ron Loveridge, Riverside, California, which won the 2012 ICF Most Intelligent Community of the Year Award from the Intelligent Community Forum in New York.  An investigation into The New Finance, Crowdfunding and PPPs discussion will be headed by Cindy Gordon, President, Helix Commerce International with President Obama’s champion Sherwood Neiss, head of The Startup Exemption, and Mark Romoff, President and CEO, CCPPP. The Need For Speed Chair Kristina Verner, Director, Intelligent Communities, i-Waterfront will preside over a leadership panel of Jim Roche, President and CEO, CANARIE; Darin Graham, President and CEO, ORION; and David Weymouth, CEO, Optelian. 

First Responder High-Speed Wireless Test-Bed – A new test-bed to demo applications of high-speed communications such as steaming video for fire, medical and police projects. 

Reversing Canada’s Prosperity Slide - A very respected international leader, Conor Lenihan, will be joining i-CANADA Chair Bill Hutchison and Governors Council – Decision on new high-speed broadband goals for Canada 

Why CEOs Need to Personally Use Social Media to Trigger Economic Recovery – ING DIRECT president and CEO Peter Aceto advices that economic recovery needs personal CEO stimulation through trust-building social media 

Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipients 

HR Resources:  CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) and Information and Communications Technology  Council (ICTC) on Driving Innovation 

Impacts of Open Data for Budgets, Efficiency, Flexibility, Futures Planning 

“Around the world every month, a new city the size of New York arises,” said i-CANADA Co-Founder Barry Gander “The i-CANADA/WCIT Summit is the best source of pragmatic information on the issues and opportunities to be found in the rise of the global Intelligent Community movement.  IT World Canada, the country’s foremost B2B portal for ICT information, is providing online resources such as a Digital Interactive Magazine. The conferences are backed by Canada’s largest ICT organizations: i-CANADA founding organization the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA), and the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC).   The i-CANADA/WCIT Summit explores the $10.2-trillion investment that is being made in the next ten years in Intelligent Communities. This is an amount equal to the entire Canadian economy, and it is being pumped into the world’s economic ecosystem each year. To survive and thrive, we need to be leading this movement.”