Cloud First for Canada Adopted: Major Advocacy Win for All
October 9, 2013

Our Cloud First advocacy team, led by John Cousens of Salesforce, can now report a major advocacy win, namely the adoption of Cloud First for Canada. Details are provided in a summary note from John Cousens.

After almost two years of our diligent efforts Corinne Charette announced a 'cloud first' policy for Canada yesterday in her GTEC keynote.

The details will come slowly I'm sure but in her keynote yesterday she specifically said this was the path they are taking.

This will be good for government, good for tax payers and good for the country.

Articles should start to appear and we should also speak about it publicly and own the message on our good work.

Our public messages should now lean to positive reinforcement, and making Canada the number one Cloud First nation. Let's encourage them to explore how to do things differently and truly transform!


John Cousens, VP Salesforce,
Lead CATA SSC Advocacy Team

John Reid, CATAAlliance CEO

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