2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Canada Summit: a CATA partnered event
October 8, 2015

2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Canada Summit: a CATA partnered event

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Summit Highlights http://www.cybersecurityoilgas.com/
The energy sectors go-to cyber security event is back…and CATAAlliance is a partner to pursue a shared mission of Canada adopting and developing best security solutions for all key sectors of the economy.

The 2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Canada Summit is featuring a brand new Think Tank agenda; filled with interactive panel discussions, candid case studies from industry peers, and open forum discussions to maximize both networking and challenge lead, in-depth conversations.

Cyber security is not only the largest, but most critical safety challenge that an oil and gas company can face. We understand that updating, securing and pin-pointing a cyber-weakness in your corporate information security platform and ICS is both timely and costly; presenting even the largest of organizations with significant operational challenges. With this conference positioned at the beginning of a new year, it is perfect timing to discuss the forward thinking and proactive measures that will be taken to update security protocols in Canada, and verify the latest solutions available to the industry.

With vulnerability for attacks on the oil and gas sector in Canada on a constant rise into 2016, we have been hard at work to develop a program dedicated to showcasing innovative approaches to mitigate risk and threats, covering themes such as:

  • Industry awareness on critical infrastructure protection

  • Incident response: proactive vs reactive approaches to examining the latest threats in 2016

  • SWOT analysis on the rise of cyber insurance policies

  • Tracking and trending what we know about ICS regulations in 2016

  • Securing the cloud, and the latest statistics surrounding its penetration

You are not alone in leading the charge against cyber-attacks in the energy sector.

Let your voice be heard in our open forum think-tank discussions! These candid, challenge lead discussions are the ideal environment for knowledge sharing among your peers.

Start the conversation today on CATA’s Social Media Group of thought leaders from across the Globe.