An Open Letter from Terry Matthews, CATA’s National Spokesperson on Why Join CATAAlliance
October 7, 2008

Canada's lack of innovation, a 13th place ranking or a D Grade in Innovation, among 16 advanced economies, is leading to mediocre socio-economic performance compared to other developed countries. The mission of our Innovation Nation Campaign is to move Canada from 13th to 1st place or an A grade in Innovation. 

Cultivating every advantage and eliminating every barrier to competitiveness is absolutely vital to realizing our potential to reach 1st place. 

CATA has been acting in capacity since 1978. The premier role of this leading-edge alliance is advocacy. Its premier goal is to keep Canada a competitive place from which to do business.

With CATA at work promoting the business infrastructure necessary for success, Canadian companies can focus on developing world acclaimed technology products and services. 

CATA takes on priorities common to all technology sectors, from software, to telecommunications to aerospace. It is a proven and respected participant at the decision making table. That’s why CATA is recognized as the voice of advanced technology industries in Canada. 

Take a few minutes to review a new article on how CATA is planning to remove obstacles surrounding innovation in Canada and to set strategies to boost Canada's innovation nation ranking.

And CATA gets results. The system does respond if the issue is legitimate, well research and documented and the timing and targets are well-chosen. In that regard, there is no substitute for the long-standing relationship, daily interaction and one-on-one communications with key stakeholders that CATA provides. 

I invite you to hear CATA's President, John Reid, talk about the four reasons why to join CATAAlliance:

CATA is proud to be the winning champion of the Innovation Nation and its core planks that will lead us to number one in the globally interdependent economy. 

Terry Matthews
National Spokesperson


"These people (CATA) are devoid of bureaucracy, provide a wealth of communications and advocacy services, have a global orientation and, most importantly for its membership, CATA stands up tall in its dealing with government" 

Rod Bryden CEO, Plasco Energy Group

"CATA fuels our growth by providing an opportunity to establish partnerships with Canadian advanced technology companies with exciting new ideas. 3M has firsthand experience with the positive benefits of leveraging these ideas into exportable world-class products."

Executive Team 3M Canada


Action Item: please contact John Reid at email or call 613-236-6550 to review your business interests and how to best leverage your CATA  membership.