Call to action to Executives in the SMB (small to mid-sized) business sector in Canada to speak out on your issues and concerns: Submit your videos today, contact CATAAlliance immediately
October 6, 2008

Your first step:

Please take nine minutes to view the CATAnet TV video on "What is the government's strategic plan for small businesses" Tune in at:

Your second step:

As outlined in the closing section of the video "We are inviting entrepreneurs with an issue and passion to contact us so that we can hear directly from you about your experiences, what you think has to be done in Canada to make us number one, to make your small business a successful business, to make your small business a very big business.

So contact us directly, create your 45 second clip, send it to CATA and we will work to get your messages out as part of a much larger group that thinks we need a better vision of Canada, an innovative vision that drives small business and large business alike."

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Yours sincerely

John Reid,


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