China electronic transportation showcase
October 5, 2010

October 5, 2010

China hosting world's largest electronic transportation showcase: Special Package Eases Canadian Access

Logistics and marketing support included for EVS25: 25th World Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, Nov.5-9, 2010, Shenzhen, China

Canadian electric vehicle and sustainable energy companies are being offered a special package by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) to allow them to participate in the global electric transportation industry's premier and largest forum on electric mobility. In addition to the global attraction, China is itself the world's largest domestic car manufacturer and an early adopter of electronic mobility.

EVS25 showcases all forms of technologies in the market place and on the drawing boards--from low speed battery electric vehicles to fuel cell electric buses. The event attracts academic, government and industry leaders from around the world who are interested in exploring and understanding the technical, policy and market challenges to a paradigm shift toward use of electric transportation technologies.

Participants will be able to attend EVS25 for a special rate of $1,000, or 50% of the international and domestic in-China airfare, which-ever is less. This includes ground transportation, hotels and meals.

Participants will be able to meet a global concentration of industry and public sector prospects, develop prospects, attend forums, tour the trade show, show their corporate image, and catch the latest trends in e-vehicle research.

Mission Bonuses
  • Extended Cities: Local company visits will be arranged in China for participating companies. In addition to Shenzhen, participants will be taken to the auto centre of Shanghai, and Chongqing, China's third-largest centre for automobile production and a focus for electronics.

  • Logistics:
    All logistics will be organized for participants. The schedule is:

    Friday, November 5 - Sunday, November 7th - EVS25 Show in Shenzhen

    Tuesday, November 9th - Business meetings in Chonqing

    Thursday, November 11th - Business meetings in Shanghai

    Friday, November 12th - Return to Canada (or travel on to other regional visits as desired)

  • Translation: English-Chinese translation will be provided.

  • One-on-one meetings: Specific meetings will be arranged for participants.

  • Global Marketing and Branding: CATA will send information on the participants and their products to its global network of 450,000 business contacts. A concise video will be done while the participants are in China, allowing each to highlight their offerings and their international partnership and deal-making interests. The videos and accompanying press releases will be put online for continuing marketing use.
World's largest domestic car market
China became both the largest automobile producer and market in the world after experiencing massive growth in 2009. In the first quarter of 2010, the total auto sales were 4.61 millions in China, and the total sales were expected to be around 17 million for the year 2010 -- nearly twice as much as the U.S. The New Energy sector will occupy an important place in China automobile industry. Experts estimate that the output value of new energy vehicle industry in 2012 is expected to reach CAD$77 billion. New Energy vehicle output value will reach CAD$120 billion in 2012.

Who should attend
Typical participants in the Trade Fair include Delegations, Senior Officials & Decision makers from China; Automotive Electronics Companies; Automobile Manufacturers; Vehicle Parts Manufacturers; System Integrators; Device Manufacturers; Component Suppliers; Software Developers; Agents and Distributors; Exporters & Importers; and Finance and Investment Executives.

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