Taxpayers’ Ombudsman Announces Systemic Review of SR&ED Program
October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009

The focus of the Ombudsman's enquiry is "whether the CRA is administering the SR&ED program fairly with respect to:
  • The recent changes to the application forms and procedures for the SR&ED program - were they communicated appropriately to taxpayers?
  • The options for a taxpayer or authorized representative to receive a second opinion on the technical aspects of their SR&ED submissions.
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This is an important opportunity for those who are using the program and are concerned about how their claims are being treated to provide input. The Ombudsman reports to Minister Blackburn. His office was established to provide an independent third party cross-check on the activities of the CRA.

To be influential, factual support may be required by the Ombudsman. Some companies we have spoken to have expressed concern about the CRA's response should they contact the Ombudsmen.

We suggest that if you have concerns, you request that your submission be handled appropriately to avoid spin-off complications for your firms. You may wish to assure yourself that the appropriate measures are in place should specifics be needed.

CATA strongly encourages firms with issues to take this opportunity to establish a dialogue with his office.


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