Making the Netherlands Your Business Gateway to Europe
September 29, 2011

CATA developing a business guide to the Netherlands - Survey Now Open

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) is pleased to announce the launch of a new study today that will help guide the development of a comprehensive business Guide on the Dutch market for Canadian high tech companies and organizations. This study is being led by Angela Hooijmaijers, an international business student of NHTV University of Applied Sciences Breda, the Netherlands, who is undertaking her internship with CATA with a mandate to deliver this Guide.

"I am tremendously pleased to be able to conduct my internship with CATAAlliance and use my networks and own understanding of the Dutch culture and business practices towards developing a comprehensive and practical business guide," says Ms. Hooijmaijers."With the help of Canadian firms already doing business in the Netherlands, the guide will enhance the knowledge of business not only in the Netherlands, but also in Europe. It will provide invaluable information for companies interested in doing business in the Netherlands, and potentially help refine the practices for those already there."

Respond to the Survey Today!
If you represent a business already conducting business in Holland and can share your opportunities and challenges experienced there, or one that is interested in accessing this market, or by extension Europe, please take 5 minutes to respond to the survey located here:

For those interested in being interviewed as part of this study, please complete the survey and indicate your desire for a follow-up interview, or contact Angela directly at: or by calling 613-884-4583.

The deadline for participating is in the survey or interview is October 21, 2011.

"CATA enjoys a proud tradition of working with Universities both nationally and internationally towards developing strategic competitive insights for our members and Canadian industry as a whole," says CATA VP Research, Kevin Wennekes. "We especially believe in the value the real-life experience of conducting a study of this nature brings to the students themselves, and every participant in the study contributes to that learning and growth. I sincerely encourage anyone interested in participating to make that contribution."

Having Rotterdam as Europe's largest seaport and Schiphol Airport Western Europe's being the fourth largest airport, the Netherlands has established a reputation as the gateway to Europe. Along with strong infrastructure, logistics and supply chain management has a top priority in the Netherlands as well. This in combination with 40% of the workforce having a university or college degree and 80% speaking English, the Dutch are one of the most highly educated populations in the world. Canada enjoys a historically strong relationship with the Netherlands and businesses can leverage this to their natural advantage.

This market study will result in the creation of a comprehensive guide that will allow its users to determine what the entry barriers are, what the penetration rate of existing Hi-Tech business is, the kind of financing required, how the logistics is performed, and other valuable information. It will help erasing difficulties and challenges, show opportunities and new markets, and result in increased business opportunities.

This study adds to a growing list of similarly successful Market Study reports including Japan, India, Russia, China and Latin America. All of these guides can be instantly downloaded from the CATA Research Repository at completely no cost to members or annual subscribers.