Crowdfunding Professional Association (CFPA) Formalizes Partnership With Invest Crowdfund Canada (ICC) To Intensity The Job Creation Campaign For Canadians
September 27, 2012

Crowdfunding provides Canadian entrepreneurs with new alternatives for financing. Equity or Debt financing in Canada via crowdfunding portals is currently not accessible to Canadians.  

With the results from the World Economic Forum Report, Canada’s recent drop of two innovation rankings to 14th place further demonstrates Canada is not taking full advantage of its strong economic fundamentals.

  “We are integrating our ICC operation with CfPA to further strengthen our national lobbying efforts coast to coast. This also allows us to bring a National Crowdfunding Association to Canadians, and help us develop skills, competencies, best practices, and grow a new innovation cluster for Canadians. Membership for all Canadians to CfPA is free at this time, says Dr. Cindy Gordon, National Chair, ICC, Co-Founder, SalesChoice, Board Director, CATA.

 Other countries like Australia, UK, The Netherlands, and the USA are actively making room for Crowdfunding to stimulate growth. Canadians need to catch up. A national petition is encouraging Canadians to step up. 

The Crowdfunding Professionals (CfPA) is the trade association that was formed out of the Leadership Group that President Obama made reference to during the JOBS Act Bill signing ceremony at the White House on April 5, 2012.  A few factoids:

·         - The majority of its founding members were critical during the legalize crowdfunding movement.

·         - They all are working hard to develop a transparent, efficient and confident marketplace where this new asset class can flourish come 2013.

·        -  Their membership is over 600 strong, 12% of their membership is global.

·       -   Their members are Crowdfunding platforms, 3rd party providers (eg: lawyers & accountants), entrepreneurs, investors and Crowdfunding add-ons (eg: background providers, investor relations tools, etc.).

·        -  Their members come from diverse industries: oil & gas, technology, arts, clean-tech, arts & entertainment; crowdfunding is relevant to all industries.

·         They sponsor monthly educational events around the country and their sister organization Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocated (CFIRA) works closely with the SEC and FINRA during the current rule-making period: 

"There is no one more prepared to take on the crowdfunding challenge in Canada than Invest Crowdfund Canada.  ICC has been at the forefront of the fight to legalize crowdfunding in Canada and has built a well-organized and passionate team.  We look forward to working with ICC to build a global crowdfunding coalition to educate, share best practices and provide trade representation, says Sherwood Neiss, Co-Chair, CfPA.

 The new CfPA/ICC National Canadian Board will have board representatives from ICC, CATA, including: Sherwood Neiss, Co-Chair, CfPA, Barry Gander, VP CATA, Fawn Annan, CEO IT World Canada, Dr. Cindy Gordon, National Chair, ICC. ICC Governance leadership information can be found at:

 CfPA will be introducing its national Canadian Trade Association more actively in the next few months, with major rebranding efforts to integrate the ICC operation into CfPA global operations. (See ICC will have a seat for representing Canada’s national efforts on the CfPA global board.

 Invest CrowdFund Canada (ICC) is a national advocacy voluntary committee of i-CANADA/CATA focused on evolving the security laws coast to coast to help create jobs for Canadians, and increase Canada’s innovation capacity.


Maricel Dicion, VP Public Relations


Andrew Weir, VP Communications



CFPA and ICC partners closely with: i-CANADA, CATAAlliance, IT World Canada, and Helix Commerce International Inc.