Copyright Modernation: An Innovation Nation Issue: Call for Input and Guidance
September 27, 2010


Key amendments are needed to Bill C-32, an Act to amend the Copyright Act or the Copyright Modernization Act (the “Act”) currently before Parliament  (i) to achieve a balance between the interests of  consumers, distributors and producers of digital content; and (ii) to ensure stronger growth, investment, innovation and job creation in Canada’s creative digital sectors.

DESIRED OUTCOME              

That Parliament (i) incorporate specific amendments which effectively balance the needs of the various stakeholders thereby ensuring a vibrant and innovative community for both creators and users of digital content; and (ii) have the Act passed into law before the end of 2011.


Please provide your input and/or guidance on Copyright Modernization to CATA CEO, John Reid, at email
It will assist us in our work with the Business Coalition For Balanced Copyright.