CATA Community Highlight: CanWIT - Encouraging Diversity, Increasing Innovation
September 25, 2013

As CATAAlliance and its divisions begin to ramp up Fall and Winter programming initiatives, I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the important work of Canadian Women in Technology (CanWIT). Emily Boucher, Dr. Catherine Boivie, and Nicole Whittle lead this Division of CATAAlliance to support the advancement of women in technology and technology-related roles. As many of you know, the number of women employed in core-technology roles in Canada’s technology sector is significantly lower than men.

At CATAAlliance, we know that diversity breeds innovation and Canada’s level of innovation and skill is cut nearly in half when we don’t encourage women to participate in our exciting and growing sector. With women making up only 24% of Canada’s tech sector, we still have a long way to go to encourage more women to get involved in advanced technology.

How can you help?
CATAAlliance member companies and their employees get discounted CanWIT membership and sponsorship rates, so companies of all shapes and sizes can provide greater support to female employees and leaders working in technology roles. CanWIT provides a National forum of support for women in tech, National and Regional events and programming focused on professional development, mentorship, networking, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. CanWIT also hosts Canada’s first e-Mentorship platform specifically for women in technology. We encourage you to be part of the movement and the solution to make Canada’s technology sector more diverse!

Interested in learning more about CanWIT? Please visit or contact Emily Boucher, Executive Director, at

Yours truly,

John Reid
CEO and President, CATAAlliance