September SR&ED Update Released
September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

by Russ Roberts Senior Vice President, Tax and Finance

    Read: SR&ED Program Update and Advisory (September 2009)

The Update outlines CATA's recent interventions with the CRA and their responses, and provides an update on the activities of CATA's SR&ED Expert Working Group.

The Update discusses the implications of the Government's announcement that a new High-Tech Plan will be tabled this fall, and calls for your input.

CATA SR&ED Website Updated

The CATA SR&ED website is now upgraded and new guidance and educational videos have been provided to assist businesses in accessing leading experts and their thinking on current SR&ED challenges.

CATA SR&ED Roundtable Conference Calls to be Reconvened in the Fall

Roundtables give companies and practitioners the opportunity to compare notes and to share best practices on how to deal with the SR&ED filing requirements and audits.


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