Are You Ready for the Latin American Marketplace?
September 21, 2006

Ottawa, September 21, 2006… The opportunities and complexities of Latin American markets must be clearly understood by Canadian businesses developing their growth strategies. Are you prepared to respond?

The newly published Latin American Guide will assist you in assessing these opportunities. It covers the MERCOSUR countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia as well as the Group of Three (G3) namely, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

MERCOSUR countries alone represent the fourth largest economic entity world-wide, after the European Union, the United States and Japan. It has more than 200 million consumers and boosts a combined GDP of more than $1 trillion U.S. This market is now the fastest growing in the world.

CATA has had a multidisciplinary team from University of Quebec (UQO) create a comprehensive 545 page Guide to Business Development In Latin America focused on examining the practical modalities of interaction between Canadian high tech enterprises and the Latin American market. Research was directed by Professor Tamas Koplyay and co-supervised by CATA VP of Research, Kevin Wennekes.

If your organization plans to market to, or needs information on this fast growth market, the Guide could be your "success map".

The Guide content focuses on the countries linked with MERCOSUR and Group of three (G3) treaties, since the free trade agreements between these countries may provide advantages for Canadian companies seeking to do business in the hi-tech markets. It is divided into Nine Chapters with many hotlinks to information sources:

Chapter 1 - Treaty Overview introduces the reader to the Free Trade treaties that exist. And then presents some known facts within each county.

Chapter 2 - The business structure a.k.a. "How to do business" in each country is reviewed.

Chapter 3 - Deals with things to consider when importing from or exporting into the Treaty Countries.

Chapter 4 - Provides a Market analysis of the countries, the technologies that exist and exposure in the countries.

Chapter 5 - Provides a look at the HR aspects that should be considered.

Chapter 6 - Taxation considerations of the countries are dealt with.

Chapter 7 - Addresses the various sources of financing that may be of use to prospective Canadian companies seeking to do business in South America.

Chapter 8 - Introduces the reader to the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) that should be considered.

Chapter 9 - Touches on the Business Culture, including etiquette, in each country of concern.

Get the Guide to Business Development in Latin America today - a comprehensive 545 page document, written to respond to CATA's needs analysis Survey of companies doing business in or planning to expand in Latin America. The Guide contains dozens of useful links and extensive references for further research and analysis.

Action Item:
To obtain the Guide to Business Development in Latin America on CD Rom, please complete the order form.
Cost: $395 plus taxes. If you are a member of CATA, the Guide is yours for $95 plus taxes.

Rogelio Garza, Chief of Staff, CANIETI will be speaking at our GTEC International event on October 25th in Ottawa. The National Association of the Industry, Electronics, of Telecommunications and Computer science in Mexico, CANIETI promotes the development of the sector in global surroundings with services of high quality. For details, please refer to: