SR&ED Teleforum Conference Call with Russ Roberts, Senior VP, Tax and Finance, CATAAlliance
September 15, 2010

September 16, 2010

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Join a group of your colleagues on Monday, October 4th for a CATA Teleforum Conference Call on the status of Canada's SR&ED program. Our continued focus is on approaches that help optimize the claiming process, and to also discuss trends, risks and challenges. Important updates will be provided arising from CATA's recent advocacy work and callers will have an opportunity to provide their guidance on issues and concerns.

Prior to the Call, participants are encouraged to review CATA's September SR&ED Update and Advisory, viewed at:

Dr. Roberts also moderates, the SR&ED Forum on linkedin, found at:
is a very useful source of background and guidance information.

The Teleforum Conference Call is a uniquely interactive meeting of invitation-only executives who will also be invited to related venues to extend the information sharing, access to briefing material and encourage peer exchanges.

CATA Teleforum Conference Call on SR&ED

Featuring Keynote: Russ Roberts, Sr. VP, CATAAlliance
Monday, October 4th
11:00am - noon
Conference Call format with Q & A

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To Register please complete the online registration form at

Your local call in number and access code will be sent to you via email. Note that the Call-in Registration fee is $25 for CATA members and $45 (plus GST) for Non Members. Fees are reinvested in our research programs, inclusive of SR&ED advocacy.