The Connected Vehicle : A workshop exploring business opportunities for building the eco-system for mobile broadband services, and a consultation on the technology applications of the wireless mobile platform of 2015.
September 15, 2008

 The Connected Vehicle
A workshop to explore the new business opportunities being created by building the eco-system for mobile broadband services, and a consultation to explore the technology applications and opportunities of the wireless mobile platform of 2015.

Goal: Bring together respected opinion-leaders in an invitation-only event to explore two dimensions of the ‘last frontier’ of connectivity: the 600 million vehicles that are driven every day:

  1. The future of mobile broadband applications & services in an automotive context, and

  2. The market opportunities for those applications and services.

There will be a closing Roundtable Forum that will involve all participants in an “Opinion-Leader Summary”.

Proposed Logistics:

Location: Toronto, National Club: 303 Bay Street
Date: Thursday, September 25 and Friday, September 26, 2008

Format: Two informal and expertly-moderated Forums:

  1. Technology vision - Mobile Applications & Services in 2015

  2. Business development- Market Opportunities until 2015 

Attendees: A limited number of invited opinion-leaders per Forum; please contact John Reid at email with Connected Vehicle in the subject line if you wish to participate in the Forum and/or social network. Note that we do have a short waiting list for the Forum, albeit with some discretion on provding a seat depending on the organization making the request. We are not restricted with regard to access to the social business network.
Logistics: Logistics of organization, invitation etc. will be handled by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA); for information about CATA see Partners include the Government  of Canada, the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and the Toronto Region Research Alliance (TRRA).
A Social Network will accompany and extend the event to allow participants to see pre-event information, exchange views, and have ‘matchmaking’ private conversations.


The ‘final frontier’ of connectivity is the platform used by 600-million people every day: the automobile.

It is expected that some 40% of the cost of a car will be the electronic innovations that provide control and connectivity. Applications such as infotainment, security, mobile internet and location-based services beckon consumers. Corporations are turning their attention to finding basic answers to consumer needs and communications capabilities.

In leading the development of the business model for the Connected Vehicle, the IT industry needs to ally with the Automotive industry in exploring how to add the value of linked services to the core automobile product.

A necessary step to the acceptance and development of the Connected Vehicle concept, is to obtain the enthusiastic support of opinion-leaders. This can be done by involving them in the development of the conceptual framework for the Connected Vehicle, using the IT partner community.

  1. Trends in wireless mobile broadband connectivity; and

  2. What it might mean to the industry, society and the consumer.

Benefits to the participants from the Toronto Consultation:

  1. Alignment of key companies and government agencies to create a core eco-system to drive the vision of the “connected vehicle” both in the IT industry and the automotive industry;

  2. Opinion leadership* among the IT clusters and infrastructures that are creating the new mobile ‘connected car’ platforms and applications;

  3. Dominance of the focal location for the ‘connected vehicle’ discussion -- a unique city where best-practice ICT capability meets with automotive strength; and

  4. Presence in a global locus where NAFTA, the Commonwealth, Europe, Asia and the Middle East meet. 

*Capturing Opinion-Leadership is Important to:

  1. Create consensus on the “way forward” for the Connected Vehicle;

  2. Create buy-in from potential partners;

  3. Bridge the worlds of automotive and IT communities;

  4. From the Technical Forums, get competitive knowledge on:

                     i. Creating a new “knowledge map” of the technologies and services to be used in the connected vehicle and the required   infrastructure

ii. Communicating the findings to the Executives

From the Business Forums:

i. Find what the changes will mean to business models

ii. Provide mutual peer-to-peer guidance on the path ahead.

Deliverables from the Connected Vehicle Forum

  1. Vital information on the road ahead;

  2. A Delphi view of the future of the applications and market for the connected vehicle;

  3. A considered plan, with Opinion-Leader buy-in, for a follow-on activities to broaden the discussion of the future of the mobile platform; and

  4. Opinion-leadership on parallel topics such as “mobility and the world of “Web 2.0”, where all content is always available.

Added Benefits to the Participants

  1. Real content for future dissemination, such as quotes and video clips of each delegate in a “news” format

  2. Ongoing opinions and ideas: establish a private and secure Social Network for continuing discussion

  3. Informed views on added content: have the Forums propose ‘next steps’ projects (such as a Research Project) to add strength to the Forum and a bridge to the Showcase Conference

Forum Participants

Opinion-leading executives will be coming from America, including:

Russel Artzt, Founder, Computer Associates
Flavio Bonomi, Head, Cisco Research
Todd Lange, VP, IBM
Joel Hoffman, World Automotive Lead, INTEL
Scott McCormick, President, Connected Vehicle Association
Brian Walker, Senior Director, Automotive Vertical, HP

Canadian organizations involved in sending participants include Auto21, WatCAR, Waterloo University, Toronto Region Research Alliance, Denis DesRosier Consulting, Bell, RIM, and selected associations.

Consultation Dynamic

Two Workshop streams (Technology and Business) will define the highlights of the future for the connected vehicle. The streams will be moderated, for maximum focus and value.

The streams will feed each other in sequence. After the Technology Forum defines the applications, the Business Forum then assesses them for marketability and social value. While a Forum is meeting, the other group will have a discussion about a complementary issue. The Summary Roundtable at the end of the Consultation will bring views together in moderated discussion, using a tested format.

The Forums start together on the first morning, hosted by CATA, where the participants will be briefed. Dr. Taiber from BMW will be the moderator of the Technology Workshop, and CATA will provide the moderator of the Business Workshop. Both Workshops will be challenged to take on specific tasks, which can be fed in to the larger sessions of both groups.