CATAAlliance Executive Briefing September/October, 2006
September 14, 2006

  1. Campaign on Procurement Succeeds
  2. Global Drive on Health Care Sector
  3. Public Safety and Security
  4. National Brand for Canada
  5. CATA WIT (Women in Tech) Forum
  6. Innovation Gala 2007
  7. International Business Development and Exports
  8. SRED Tax Credit Campaign
  9. Research and Development Collaboration
  10. Telecom Expansion
  11. Partnered Events
  12. Special Welcome to New Members

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Note: Please circulate the CATA Executive Briefing internally. Items are linked to more detailed explanations. We welcome your views and participation in advancing Canada's high tech business growth.


1. Campaign on Procurement Succeeds: Plug Pulled on PS Plan

Since 2005, CATAAlliance, has been directing a VendorACT Campaign on behalf of the ICT vendor community to present its issues and concerns on the government-wide review of procurement and shared services initiative. The Campaign has included survey and research work, meetings with vendors, briefings of government and political representatives, media relations and development of communications materials.

-- Public Works Cancels Procurement Plan: PWGSC Minister Michael Fortier pulled the plug on the controversial plan in a $24-million consultants' report that federal suppliers compete against each other in reverse auctions to drive down prices. Public Works also dismissed the two private-sector executives recruited to lead the overhaul of its procurement and real estate operations. Consultations are being reopened with industry groups on a new buying strategy.

-- New Blueprint for Economic Growth: The blueprint, set to be released as the next phase of VendorACT, is called "Partner for Prosperity -- Prosperity, Global Supply Chains, and the Role of Government Procurement" -- linking strategic Public Sector spending to the expansion of Canadian economic development. We are engaging thought leaders to move debate from narrow focus to broad taxpayer interests in jobs and value, industrial development and export success. To provide input or get a copy, contact

-- New Conference Series: A new engagement-style meeting series is being held in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, to involve CEOs in the 'best practices' development of global Value Chains. This links to the New Blueprint for Economic Growth, as it provides real-world advice from successful companies on how to enter or create export-oriented business linkages. Contact

-- New Accountability Report: Developed in consultation with senior bureaucrats, "Implementing 'Accountability' in government -- Building structure that is transparent, effective and delivers value" the report offers insight into building a government structure that is transparent, effective and delivers value.

-- Added Expertise: Industry expert, Peter Thomas has been added to our management team. Mr. Thomas has over 35 years experience in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Treasury Board's Expert Project Consultant Program has recognized Mr. Thomas as one of the top-ranking ICT architects consulting to Government.

++ Action Item: Executives with an interest in joining CATA's VendorACT campaign and thus gaining access to critical research and organizational networks should contact John Reid at

2. Global Drive to Promote Health Care Sector

Budgets worth billions of dollars will be addressed by a new Commonwealth Advantage program, backed by CATA. The "CommonWeb" is a world-first technology event -- a new global webinar that will allow companies to chase business deals around the globe, covering the world in 14 hours. The first matchmaking webinar will sweep through the Commonwealth countries in late November. It will feature Premier McGuinty and Richard Alvarez, President of Canada Health Infoway, who will describe the number-one item on the budget of most governments around the world: Health Care. Public Sector buyers from 53 countries will be connected online with Health Care companies in the world's fastest-growing economic block: the Commonwealth.

-- Research Available: Two health care sector reports are now available to members: Selling into Health Care - Best Practices; and, Aligning People, Processes and Technology to make an impact of Patient Care. Contact

++ Action Item: Executives with an interest in participating in our Health Care Sector initiatives and thus gaining access to critical research and organizational networks should contact Barry Gander at or John Reid at

3. Public Safety and Security

CATA has accelerated its advanced security activities to educate organizations about security compliance requirements and standards; contribute to the development of public policy; and, encourage greater awareness of Canada's advanced technology leadership.

Part of the approach involves the mapping of key organizations and decision makers and the profiling of Canadian capabilities to customers, collaborators, suppliers and the trade press and media.

-- First Responder Survey and Research: The purpose of this research conducted in partnership with the NRC is to improve the level of understanding of the changing patterns in the scale, nature and spatial distribution of Canadian First Responder organizations, defined as Police, Fire and Ambulance - in Canada.

-- Canadian Aviation Security: Our steering Committee is developing the agenda for the 2nd Annual Conference on Aviation Security, with the goal of bringing together providers, users and suppliers of the aviation security system together with senior policy-makers and regulators to explore the needs of the various users, to look at interoperability issues, and to discuss the evolving risk of future and potential new dangers to the system.

-- Public Policy Consultations: CATA's guidance is based on a position paper entitled, "New National Security Measures Critical to Canada's Economic Growth - CATA calls for better public-private collaboration, analysis centres, compliance assistance and Security Auditor."

-- E-Profile and Advanced Security: We are profiling or matchmaking company/organizational capabilities and interests to prospective customers, collaborators and suppliers and the media through E-Profile, an easy to use on-line Survey form designed accelerate business development.

++ Action Item: Executives with an interest in joining CATA's Public Safety and Security Community and thus gaining access to critical research and organizational networks should contact John Reid at

4. Development of a National Brand for Canada

CATA and partners are launching initiatives to help develop a Canadian Brand: a defining statement that clearly describes and differentiates Canada's value proposition as a global partner, advanced technology leader, partner and collaborator and sourcing destination of choice.

-- Global Sourcing Action Roadmap and Recent Ipsos-Reid Survey: The latest version of the Roadmap is currently available and now includes two special updates: a detailed summary of the Building the Roads to Global Sourcing Success event and a snapshot report on a mini-survey on outsourcing completed exclusively for CATAAlliance by Ipsos-Reid Canada.

-- Advantage Canada Summit: The Summit takes place on November 2, 2006 in Halifax and will bring together a Pan-Canadian assembly of recognized public, private, academic and labour leaders to develop a Canadian Brand.

-- Multisourcing: On the day before the Advantage Canada Summit, join over 200 delegates and 21 executive-level speakers from the U.S. and Canada at the Wu Conference Centre on UNB campus in Fredericton for the Balanced Viewpoint Summit on Multisourcing.

++ Action Item: Support - Participate - Lead
Organizations/companies that wish to support the Summit and thereby ensure their province/region is well represented, and who can secure local representatives from Industry, Government and Academic groups to attend, please contact Kevin Wennekes at

5. CATA WIT (Women in Technology) Forum

The CATA WIT Forum helps women entrepreneurs advance their careers through mentoring, professional development, networking and advocacy. Our reach is now 3000 women executives, comprising members and future members of the WIT Chapters.

-- Toronto WIT Chapter Event: Join us on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at the MaRS Discovery District for an insightful look at the future of enterprise software with Joanne Moretti, General Manager, CA Canada.

-- Ottawa WIT Chapter Event: Join us on Tuesday September 26th, 2006 at The Marshes Golf Club for a special wine and cheese networking event.

++ Action Item: Companies/organizations interested in playing a lead role in the evolution of WIT should contact Joanne Stanley at

6. Innovation Awards Gala 2007

For two decades, the CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Gala Dinner, hosted by the Royal Bank, Ernst & Young and Gowlings has been celebrating the best in Canadian advanced technology. Please mark June 19th, 2007 on your calendar for our next Awards evening.

Awards will be presented for Pratt & Whitney Canada Outstanding Product Achievement (ICT), Xerox of Canada Outstanding Product Achievement (Nanotechnology), the 3M Company Canada Emerging Technology, High Road Communications Excellence in Science and Technology Reporting, the University of Ottawa, School of Management Private Sector Innovation and/or Leadership in Advanced Technology, the RIM Public Sector Leadership in Advanced Technology, the SHRC IT Strategic HR Management and the Royal Bank of Canada Sara Kirke Award for Woman Entrepreneurship.

++ Action Item: Companies interested in taking a high profile role at the Innovation Gala or with guidance on how to further add to CATA's Innovation Award program should contact Cathi Malette at

7. International Business Development and Exports

Companies may wish to benefit from CATA's expanded international business activities. Part of the expansion involves the inclusion of key international organizations and decision makers into our outreach to customers, suppliers, investors, and media.

-- International Advisors: CATA's new Panel of International Advisors guide matchmaking and collaboration programs designed to help members find and connect with global partners, investors and markets.

-- ITU World Telecom: Through a special offering organized by CATAAlliance, Industry Canada, and International Trade Canada, Canadian based companies can take advantage of an enhanced participation package for their trade show space at the Canadian Pavilion developed for ITU Telecom World on 4th-8th December 2006 (Asia World Expo, Hong Kong, China). In some cases, first time exhibitors may qualify for financial support through CATA-PEMD-TA.

-- Business Development in China: CATA is hosting a business and government delegation from Fujian province on October 23rd in Ottawa in order to determine mutual interests. Our lead consultant in China, Qu Sun has also finalized a contact database for building linkages in the telecom sector.

-- GTEC International: CATA is organizing a seminar on October 25th in Ottawa in conjunction with GTEC week that will provide opportunities to meet with executives from 50 countries, senior trade and investment officials and business leaders. Delegates have identified interests in E-Government, Connectivity Strategies, Governance models, E-Commerce, Telecommunications and Infrastructure development. Prior to the event, companies can submit their E-Profiles to facilitate Business to Business and Business to Government opportunity discussions.

-- Mexico/U.S. Linkage: The leading high-tech trade organizations in Mexico (CANIETI), Canada (CATA) and the United States (SIIA) have joined forces to launch a joint partnership to advance the business interests of their members. Notices of new business services will be sent to readers.

-- Business Alerts: Business Opportunity Alerts are Currently Available for Procter and Gamble, AMI Semiconductor, GTEC International and ITU Telecom World.

-- Growth in the New Flat World: CATA sponsored a peer to peer Roundtable in late August for leading Technology companies who are figuring out how to respond to "Growth in the New Flat World. We will soon be publishing a report on the event as part of best practice guidance for global business growth.

-- Content and Application Mobile Industry Survey and Study: The goal of this special project, led by industry expert, Jean Guy Rens is to assess the state of the mobile-content industry in Canada and set out opportunities and growth barriers.

++ Action Item:
Interested in any of the above programs and resources? Please contact Cathi Malette at

8. SRED Tax Credit Campaign

CATA is undertaking extensive Survey Work and Research that explores the current structure and efficiency of the SR&ED tax credit program, evaluates what issues are important and what changes to consider improving it. We are also obtaining information on how the program can be reshaped to provide SR&ED performers with the most effective and relevant system.

-- Campaign Components Updates: Survey of community priorities completed, preliminary circulation to select colleagues for confirmation and guidance, Consensus building through Town Hall meetings with CFO's, tax leaders, Development of White Paper and Presentation to Government officials and Finance in process.

-- National Revenue: Concerns have been expressed about the CRA's review of its advisory committees, without discussions with stakeholder organizations.

-- Ontario Caucus: CATA Directors have met with senior political and bureaucratic officials to ensure consistency of approach in tax and finance legislative reform.

Note: To date we have received a wide spectrum of industry sector participation, with the highest participating sectors being firms in the Information & Communications Technologies, advanced manufacturing technologies, aerospace and defense, and forest industries. These industries have identified similar issues of importance and priority changes. This not only indicates that changes are necessary, but that a change would affect all Canadian industries and will promote increased innovation throughout Canada.

++ Action Item: Executives with an interest in participating in CATA's SR&ED Advocacy and or have specific issues they would like raised, should contact Russ Roberts, CATA's Senior Tax Director at

9. Research & Development Collaboration

-- Hewlett - Packard (HP): 22 requests for collaboration were received and have been forwarded to HP for review. No further submissions are being accepted at this time.

-- 3M Corporation: 58 requests for collaboration were received and all prospect partners have been contacted regarding the review process. A summary communiqué provides a full overview of the project. New submissions can now be submitted for consideration.

-- Rockwell Collins Inc.: 12 requests for collaboration have been forwarded for review and an additional six requests are in final draft stage. Companies are in the process of being contacted regarding their review status. Rockwell Collins remains open to receiving new requests for R & D collaboration.

-- AMI Semiconductor: requests for collaboration remain open with submissions being directed to the AMI Director of Business Development.

-- Procter and Gamble: (new) wishes to identify innovative Canadian organizations developing technologies and capabilities which are a strategic match with its business needs.

Boeing and Pfizer are currently in discussion for new R & D collaboration projects. Members will be advised of the status through email advisories.

++ Action Item: Please contact for details on how to submit your request for collaboration to any of the above companies or to undertake a partnership search for your enterprise.

10. Telecom Expansion

The Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP) and CATA have combined to expand the industry's Telecom voice. Mr. Jean Guy Rens will become an adjunct to CAIP and assist in addressing ISP issues as well as expanding telecom research and advocacy, starting with the mobile-content industry in North America.

-- A special insurance package is being developed for CAIP ISP members that will provide competitive pricing and coverage tailored to their needs. Communications on the insurance package will be sent out to CAIP members by the end of September.

-- The CAIP Advisory Board will meet in November to develop CAIP's future growth strategy.

-- A one-day CAIP Symposium will be held in early 2007 for CAIP ISP members, affiliate members and other ISPs to share best practices and discuss critical issues facing the internet service provider industry in Canada.

++ Action ItemCompanies wishing to join CAIP as a member or participate in the CAIP Symposium should contact Joanne Stanley, Vice President, CAIP at

11. Partnered Events

-- Alumni Speaker Series (Thursday, October 12, 2006)
Guest Speaker: Terence Matthews, Chairman, March Networks Corporation
National Arts Centre, Panorama Room (53 Elgin Street, Ottawa) - Cocktail Reception - 6:00 p.m.
- Dinner and presentation 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Price: $60 per person, $25 for U of O School of Management students.
Register online: (Click English, Events, Ottawa Area Events)

-- Alumni Breakfast Speaker Series (Thursday, November 1, 2006)
Guest speaker: The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Health and the Minister for the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario
Capone's Eastside Ristorante, Ottawa ON
Tickets: $20, or $15 for University of Ottawa Alumni/CATA members and Students
For more information or to register contact: François Lefèvre, Phone: (613) 562-5716 E-mail:

-- Symposium: Optimizing the Supply Chain: Competitive Advantage through Information Technology (October 5-6, 2006)
Wyndham Bristol Place Hotel & Conference Centre, Toronto, Canada,
The symposium brings together a unique blend of academics and industry practitioners to share cutting-edge research and solutions to address today's critical supply chain issues.
Register online:

--AceTech/CATA: Join an exclusive group of CEOs and presidents of technology companies for a complimentary reception at the St-Andrew's Club in Toronto on Wednesday, September 20, 2006. Our guest speaker Lucas Skoczkowski, CEO of Redknee, will share a leadership story followed by a networking reception.
Register online:

--Breaking into the Supply Chain Industry. Where are we? Where do we want to be? How can we get there?
With over $5 billion dollars spent yearly in various supply chain applications, the next biggest growth opportunity for technology and consulting firms could be helping enterprises with their supply chain management. However, many of these issues are complex and expansion plans are often made without considering all options and risks.
Please join us on September 29th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm for an intimate roundtable with peers to discuss how we break into the supply chain industry.
RSVP: As attendance is limited to 50 people. We expect this event to be oversubscribed. (All previous sessions have been quickly oversubscribed.) If you would like to attend, please don't delay. Please call Taimour Zaman at The Access Group at 416-629-7924 or email

--CATA Partners in 2007 IT Leadership Development Program
Leaders are made, not born. If you or your staff aspire to advance to an executive-level position, now is the time to take the next step toward becoming a CIO or equivalent IT leader: register now for the 2007 IT Leadership Development Program, a unique collaboration between Ryerson University's School of Information Technology Management (ITM) and THE CIO SUMMIT®, Canada's leader in IT executive development. The first module of the 2007 program, which comprises three four-day modules over a six-month period, begins January 29, 2007.
The program will be delivered in Toronto, the heart of Canada's ICT industry. The environment and classroom formats are designed to provide maximum opportunity for interaction and group learning in keeping with the nature of executive-level education.
Space is limited. We recommend that you register immediately to ensure acceptance in the 2007 program. For further information or to register, visit

12. A Special Welcome to New Members

We are asking you to demonstrate your interest and corporate leadership by getting involved with CATAAlliance and its mission to promote the growth of advanced technology industries. Many of you are members and we thank you for your support. But, if you have not yet made the commitment, please join with your peers and increase membership support and corporate involvement. Be counted as one of our leaders.

These companies have recently joined CATAAlliance to be able to reap the benefits quickly, simply and first-in-line: Talkswitch, Merx, Sophos, Third Brigade, HSBC Bank of Canada, Computer Methods International Corp., BCIT Health Technology Research, Career Builder, McKesson Information Solutions, IT/Net, AceTech Academy of CEO's, LxSix Photonics, Certicom, University of New Brunswick, Infoterra, Bankix Systems Ltd., IVL Technologies Ltd., MultiShred Inc., Health Connexions, Laurentian Bank, Salient, Fire Monitoring Technologies International Inc., GlobalTox International, FINCAD,Infoterra Inc., Adecco Employment Services Limited, Mazsky International Ltd, Peak Sales Recruiting, the Red Cross of Canada, Telus, US Army International Technology Centre Americas Canada, and Comprehendex Corporation.