The Mega-Sector: CATAAlliance, EVP Barry Gander highlights opportunities in the ICT-Auto space with companies like IBM, Intel, Cisco, HP, CA, QNX
September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

    Read: Networked Vehicle Meeting Summary (June 09, Greenville, South Carolina)

CATAAlliance and the Networked Vehicle Foundation (NVF) are driving the agenda for the merger of wireless Internet computing and the Auto Sector. Today one billion vehicles are getting connected to the broadband infrastructure, allowing service and device companies to reach passengers and drivers with applications to enhance safety, health, security, entertainment and vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Now, any Canadian ICT company can be part of the resurgent Auto sector.

Action Item

Topics reviewed in our Video interview include: the ICT-Auto opportunity for Canadian companies; events to attend; networking; TeleForums; and partnership connections. A new Survey defining the ICT-Auto business momentum is coming soon -- participate, and get an inside edge!

Barry Gander, EVP, CATAAlliance

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CATA and the NVF have gathered proprietary presentations and research material on the NVF Web Site, at:

CATA NVF Survey on ICT-Auto

CATA, the NVF, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), with corporate and association partners, invite you to participate in the world's first survey of ICT-Auto business momentum. Get details from:

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