Cecil Shewchuk, Senior Advisor, Scientific Conservation on I-Canada
September 10, 2010

September 10, 2010

Innovation Executive Leadership: Cecil Shewchuk, Senior Advisor, Scientific Conservation comments on Sustainability and i-Canada

Please view this video of of Cecil Shewchuk, Senior Advisor, Scientific Conservation Inc. as he talks about sustainability, leadership in energy and environment design and i-Canada engagement. Mr. Shewchuk also served as Adjunct Professor at University of Western Ontario, Chief Executive Officer at Decision Dynamics Technology and, Chief Product Officer at Aspen Technology.

About Scientific Conservation Inc.

Scientific Conservation Inc. (SCI) is revolutionizing energy efficiency and operational accountability for the multi-billion dollar commercial building market using breakthrough "Automated Continuous Commissioning" (ACC) solutions that can help slash annual energy spending by 15 - 25% and detect faults before potential problems can spiral out of control.

Our unique building automation solutions perform all of the "heavy lifting" involved in predicting, detecting, diagnosing and prioritizing system faults and anomalies constantly present in office, retail, and institutional buildings. Asset and facility managers finally have a suite of energy efficiency solutions that deliver ways to dramatically cut operational costs and reduce energy consumption levels, thereby enabling them to accumulate carbon credits and increase the valuation of their properties.

SCI is committed to environmental stewardship, customer, employee and partner satisfaction along with the pledge of excellence through innovation. Founded in 2007, The company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, CA, with its technology center in Atlanta, GA.  For more information, visit www.scientificconservation.com.

About i-Canada

The vision for i-Canada is a nation of provincial and local Intelligent Communities large and small, urban and remote featuring great places to live with innovation cultures and communications infrastructures that ensure economic growth, satisfying employment and social prosperity. In the future i-Canada's Intelligent Communities will have blended our traditional values with the best new applications of 21st century digital technology to create new models for effective health care, ageing well and world class education and learning.

This project represents significant supplier opportunities for technologies, services and integrators. If you have business interests, then please contact jreid@cata.ca.

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Ps "Ultra Broadband" for Google-speed cities: New Technology Opportunities in Telecommunications, Health Care, Energy Conservation, Education and Services- Recording & Briefing Materials Now Available

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