The Vice President of Motorola, George Krausz on I-Canada
September 10, 2010

September 9, 2010

The Vice President of Motorola, George Krausz speaks to the Advanced Security dimension of a successful Innovation Nation: Innovation Leadership and i-Canada

 Please view this video of George Krausz, VP, Motorola's Government & Commercial Markets Division & Innovation Leader as he talks about enabling police officers in the field, the growing international nature of advanced security, the interoperability dimension, and the reality of public safety & security as fundamental for Canadian citizens' welfare and for successful commerce.

George Krausz, Vice President, Government & Commercial Markets Division, Motorola Canada Limited and Regional Director Country Management of the Americas Region Motorola, Inc.

George Krausz is the Vice President of Motorola's Government & Commercial Markets Division, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. This division is focused on serving the global communications needs of Governments, first responders and public service agencies, providing digital two-way radio as well as voice and data communications products and systems, mobile computing, advanced data capture, wireless infrastructure and RFID solutions. George joined Motorola in 2004, and under his leadership the Canadian team has doubled the Motorola Government business in Canada. In March 2010, George was appointed Country Management Regional Director for the Americas region in addition to his responsibilities as Vice President of Motorola Canada Limited.

Prior to joining Motorola in June 2004, George spent 25 years in sales and marketing in the Information Technology Sector and Public Safety, including his role as Senior Vice-President, Central Region for Fujitsu Consulting, and management positions at Unisys Canada, CrownTek, Computer Sciences Canada Limited, and Bell Canada.

George is on the Board of Directors of the RCMP Foundation.

In 1978, George obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree specializing in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo. George is registered with the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

Additionally, George was formerly Chair of the Ontario Board of Directors for the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC).

George's interests include golf, tennis and squash. He has coached in the North Toronto Hockey Association. He lives in Toronto with his wife, and their 3 sons.

CATA National Spokesperson, Sir Terence Mathews, also CEO of Wesley Clover, said, "We are delighted to have an executives of the stature of Mr. Krausz, on the new CATA Leadership Council and look forward to his leadership in helping advance innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada."

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