Centre of Excellence in Advanced Electronics Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain: Confirm your interest today
September 4, 2013

++ Call to Action: Please confirm your interest as a partner or potential participant  in a Toronto-based Centre of Excellence in Advanced Electronics Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain being established to play a vital role in Canada competing and winning in today’s knowledge-based global economy. Contact: CATA CEO, John Reid at jreid@cata.ca for more details.

Executive Briefing Note

Canada’s Commercialization GapThere is a significant commercialization

There is a significant gap in Canada that must be addressed to support the growth of innovative companies into larger global enterprises.

Growing Canada’s small innovative companies, and enabling them to achieve the scale required to be successful in global markets, is critical for Canada to become a leader in innovation on the world stage.

3 Innovation Enablers:

1.      +Prototype the idea

When a small innovative company has IP, access to engineering, design and prototyping are critical.

2.     +Scale production and launch products globally

New product introduction, manufacturing and global supply chain strategies are fundamental to launching products and emerging technologies globally.

3.     +Lateral innovation

The nature of innovation is changing. Rather than coming from inside one company, innovation is increasingly found in parallel industries. Increasing exposure to vertical markets and interacting with suppliers and manufacturing experts, will enable companies to utilize the best practices employed in other industries.

Celestica’s Vision for a Centre of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain Solutions

Celestica is already establishing a nexus of capabilities in advanced electronics manufacturing, where the company’s established track record in engineering, product and process design and improvement can be leveraged to evolve the operation’s business model to meet the changing needs of companies within North America and beyond.

Building on what Celestica is already doing, there is significant opportunity to build out a Centre of Excellence (COE) that will create more jobs for a knowledge-based economy and help to close the commericalization gap. The role of the COE is to take good ideas and create more global-scale multi-national companies, while at the same time, building / strengthening an ecosystem, creating intellectual property and jobs.

This COE would be the first of its kind in Canada and would complement Canada’s existing innovation infrastructure.

The COE would close the gap between incubators and product launch, enabling more of our good ideas and innovative companies to become large-scale multi-national companies. By providing support for the commercialization of products and provision of global manufacturing scale, this vision addresses one of the key identified gaps in Canada’s current global competitiveness in electronics.

Next Steps: Building the ecosystem for innovation

A project of this scale requires support from various levels of government, Universities and Colleges, incubators, venture capitalists, as well as established and emerging companies from diverse sectors.

Working in partnership with other key players, Celestica wants to play a key role in establishing a centre of excellence where:

+ R&D into the next generation of advanced electronics products and processes can be developed;

+ Smaller Canadian companies can collaborate to bring their concepts to reality;

+ Large original equipment manufacturers can work with Celestica and other partners to improve their products and processes;

+ Companies can improve their global supply chain through Celestica’s supply chain collaboration centre and achieve unique insights into their businesses through Celestica’s Business Analytics Centre of Excellence

+ The technology leaders of tomorrow can learn their skills in a practical, realworld environment.

Executed properly, this Centre of Excellence can drive product and business innovation and become a focal point where organizations not only in Canada, but from around the world, bring their products and ideas to get the support they need to take them to the next level.

Located in midtown Toronto, at Celestica’s 60-acre location, there exists the opportunity to create such a place within the heart of the North American electronics market, within close proximity to the majority of businesses and consumers who are the primary customers.

Potential Partners

Celestica envisions a partnership model that has the potential to offer capabilities in electronics research, development, and product and process design and improvement that is currently not available elsewhere in North America.

Through this partnership model, Celestica would play a key role in the COE. Other partners could include small innovative companies and established global organizations from diverse sectors such as aerospace and defense and healthcare; R&D community,  including firms involved in the commercialization of research; universities; and various levels of government.

This partnership model would provide innovative companies acccess to engineering and design to prototype their idea, scale production to launch products globally and visibility to diverse industries to stimulate lateral innovation.

Pivotal to the success of the partnership model is identifying the right organization to champion this vision and drive its success.