CATA’s Social Media Groups: Subscribe and benefit today from legislative updates, peer connections & risk alerts
September 4, 2013

Dear Community executives

CATAAlliance provides social networking Groups or Communities for executives to connect, inform, advise and inspire others to individual and organizational success. Please use our social media, as CATA does, to post opportunities, legislative updates and concerns, research, events of interest and business services information.

In order to benefit and be first in line for critical updates, please join the CATAAlliance Community  (8200 current members) today.

You can also participate in a number of issue, topic and geographic Groups, such as: 

Our Groups are fully moderated by subject area experts from CATA’s membership.

The New CATA News Pulse

Our social networking Groups are linked to a weekly CATA News Pulse. Its role is to serve as a community newspaper, thus when you alert us to "your news" we can add it to our outreach to subscribers and extensive databases across Canada and abroad. If you have not done so already, please subscribe to the CATA News Pulse at the Red + Button at this URL: 

 A Special Note on Social Media Resources & Outreach for Audience Acquisition & Advocacy 

CATAAlliance counts 22 thousand Twitter Followers, 14 thousand op in executives in moderated Linked in Groups, 5000 executives in the Google + CATA Circle, 32 thousand CATAnet TV video views, a 2 million executive audience on social media groups that CATA has permission to post to in Canada and major Global markets, and direct email databases of 15 thousand executives.

We encourage executives in the public and private sectors, educational organizations, including students, to engage with CATAAlliance in helping to advance Canada as a competitive Innovation Nation.

Your truly,

John Reid, CATA CEO