Communications A “Legal Right” - Suvi Linden To Speak at CATA Event
August 31, 2011

OTTAWA, August 31, 2011  --  The Communications Minister who crafted Finland’s ground-break legislation that made Broadband a legal right for every citizen, is going to be a keynote speaker at the i-CANADA Advisory Council Meeting in Windsor in November.
The legislation makes access to Broadband as important a human right as food, shelter and health care.
Ms. Suvi Linden gave the reason behind her decision: "We considered the role of the internet in Finns everyday life. Internet services are no longer just for entertainment. Finland has worked hard to develop an information society and a couple of years ago we realised not everyone had access.”

Ms. Linden is travelling to Windsor because she is interested in exploring the role of i-CANADA in seeding the transition to an Intelligent Nation.  Working at the community level, i-Canada’s vision is to make Canada acknowledged as the world’s leading Intelligent Nation or “i-Nation” because a sufficiently broad base of Canadian communities, large and small, have all won international awards as the world’s leading Intelligent Communities.
“i-CANADA will enhance our leadership in delivering a strong and sustainable “triple bottom line” of economic, social and environmental performance throughout the evolution of the Knowledge Age and we will create new hope and economic opportunities for all Canadians,” said i-CANADA Chair Bill Hutchison.

The meeting of i-CANADA’s Advisory Board in November is a gathering of experts from communities that have been already recognized for excellence globally or that aspire to become Intelligent Communities.  The Advisory Board is made up of communications experts plus community stakeholders and leaders.  The meeting will tap their insights and present new tools, to help join a radical transformation:  the creation of communities based on a “constructed ecosystem” of sustainable work, meaningful life, and continuing play.

The Advisory Board is guided by the Governors Council, Chaired by The Honourable David Alward, Premier of New Brunswick.  The Governprs Council includes Premiers, Mayors, Corporate CEOs and leaders from community organizations.

The Advisory Board meeting is being hosted by i-CANADA, IBM, I NG DIRECT and other corporate, social and academic contributors.  The November meeting in Windsor will be paralleled by meetings on the East and West Coasts: SMARTER VANCOUVER and SMARTER HALIFAX.
A poll conducted for the BBC World Service earlier this year found that almost four in five people around the world believed that access to the internet is a fundamental right.

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