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August 31, 2011

Group: i-CANADA Forum

Discussion: Announcement from i-CANADA Chair, Bill Hutchison: i-CANADA Vision

Chris, thanks for your comment. We had lots of debates about "claiming the podium" or being "one of those on the podium". As Barry Gander kept saying..."do you plan to go to the Super Bowl or do you plan to win the Super Bowl?

We have the skills and abilities....we just need to organize ourselve effectively and that is a primary objective of i-CANADA. At the community level the goal is to win Intelligent Community of the Year like Waterloo and Calgary that are part of a Group that includes Stockholm, Singapore, Taipei and others who have previously won the award.

So, we decided to "Own the Podium; I hope you will join us on the journey. -Bill

Posted by Bill Hutchison

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