E-Profile and Business Opportunities
August 30, 2006


In addition to CATA's political work to support industry growth, we are profiling or matchmaking company/organization capabilities and interests to prospective customers, collaborators and suppliers. Please take a minute to review "58 Companies Get Partnership Opportunities with 3M Corp."

Companies will receive a Business Opportunity Alert (e.g., Procter and Gamble) and then complete a capabilities listing, called E-Profile, qualifying them for review by the customer, collaborator or supplier. One of the CATA team will work with you in providing the E-Profile url and to facilitate the transaction.

E-Profile is an easy to use on-line Survey form designed with the help of our partners. Filling out E-Profile puts your company into a global database of businesses and public sector organizations. Control of your identity is assured, and the database is secure.

Business Opportunity Alerts Currently Available

New Alerts are being developed for Advanced Security and Public Safety and Health Care Services, the latter in conjunction with the Commonwealth Advantage business development program. Details will follow shortly.

We gratefully acknowledge the support and encouragement of International Trade Canada and its Program for Export Development (PEMD) in helping make CATA the home of technology business opportunity.

Yours sincerely

John Reid, President,

PS: Companies wishing to conduct partnership/collaboration searches should contact johnreid@attglobal.net or call 613-234-6091 my direct line.